Oversight Committees

Research Oversight Committees

Four committees have unique roles to guide, review and evaluate, and implement clinical trials in accordance with the group's strategic themes, strengths, and the research needs of the overall National Clinical Trials Network.   

The Research Strategy Committee (RSC) focuses on study development and will provide feedback and recommendations to the disease site and scientific core committees. This committee also will provide regular reports to the NRG Oncology Foundation Board.

The Concept Prioritization Advisory Committee (CPAC) provides rigorous and objective evaluation of the scientific merit and feasibility of NRG Oncology research concepts that have been vetted by the RSC, with final recommendations, including prioritization scores, sent to the group chairs for final approval. In addition, CPAC monitors the progress of active studies for the timeliness of results reporting in concert with the appropriate scientific committee, and reports these activities to the NRG Oncology Foundation Board.

Governed by the NCI Data Monitoring Policy, the Data Monitoring Committee (DMC) reviews the efficacy and morbidity data for each NRG Oncology clinical trial to ensure that decisions regarding continuation of these trials are scientifically sound and ethically responsible. The DMC makes recommendations to the group chairs for a final decision. The DMC is chaired by a non-NRG Oncology member.

The Group Executive Committee is composed of the NRG Oncology group chairs, deputy group chairs, group statisticians, and executive directors of the operations center, and will be chaired by the presiding group chair. It meets regularly to ensure that the priorities set by the NRG Oncology Foundation Board are operationalized in the group’s research strategy and supported by appropriate operations center resources. 


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