Membership Reminders: Please take a moment to review and update your site person rosters!

NRG Oncology Members are required to designate individuals to fill the NRG Oncology Primary Roles. Primary Roles are:

  • Check Addressee
  • Contact PI
  • Lead RA
  • Co-Lead RA (optional)
  • Local Lead RA
  • Principal Investigator (A maximum of 3 and the contact PI is counted as 1)

These roles are used to communicate with respect to NRG Oncology studies and other important information. In order for a person to be assigned a Primary Role, he/she must have an active CTEP ID and be listed on the site's NRG Oncology Roster for the specific institution. A completed NRG Primary Role Change Form (located on NRG Oncology website, under Membership) must be submitted to for any Primary Role changes.

The Roster Update Management System (RUMS) allows authorized people at clinical sites to manage roster data for secondary roles using a web-based application. Authorized persons can use RUMS to manage person secondary roles, to request the addition or withdrawal of persons to their associated clinical sites, and to request the addition or withdrawal of child sites from their local network. NCORP authorized users should request rostering of NCORP sites, investigators, and research associates via NCORP-SYS. A person must be rostered before any roles may be requested in RUMS. 

Required secondary roles are Local PI, Contract Contact, Fiscal Contact.

Please take a moment and review your roster using RUMS or NCORP-SYS as applicable to ensure all of your network personnel are up to date. Contact for assistance.

NRG Oncology's membership roster is comprised of over 1,000 member sites including institutions on five continents.  Our investigators represent all of the oncologic medical specialties and disciplines.  We accept applications for new members throughout the year.  

Membership Requirements - Provides information on the NRG Oncology membership categories and the requirements to obtain and maintain institutional membership.

Membership Applications & Roster Update Forms - Instructions and forms for obtaining institutional membership and updating person and site rosters. *NEW* fillable roster forms are available. (3-26-14)

Institutional Membership Lists - Current lists of the NRG Oncology Main Member, LAPS, NCORP, and Affiliate sites.

Membership Committee Reviews - Password protected site for Membership Committee review materials.

Case Accrual Payments - Questions regarding case accrual payments should be sent to Funding detail sheets are located on the CTSU website.


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