Membership Requirements

NRG Oncology brings together an impressive roster of committed investigators who have been integral to the legacy groups’ success. Following are the NRG Oncology membership categories along with associated responsibilities.

Main Member (Includes NCORP and lead academic participation sites [LAPS])

  • Maintain satisfactory data quality, timeliness and audit performance
  • Accrue at least fifteen (15) patients per year in National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN) treatment intervention trials
    • Accrual from Affiliate Members will count toward the required 15-patient accrual
  • Carry out Responsibilities for Affiliate Members
    • Receive and distribute all per-case reimbursement for Affiliate Members
    • Ensure acceptable Affiliate Members' data quality and audit performance
  • Designate Main Member principal investigator (PI)
    • Main Members may designate up to 3 PIs; however, the PIs must represent different medical specialties
    • One PI must be designated as the Main Member contact

Voting Main Member

  • Main Members that accrue at least 25 patients per year in NCTN treatment intervention trials either as an average over (3) years or in the most recently completed calendar year and meet data timeliness and quality requirements
    • Accrual from Affiliate Members will count toward the 25-patient accrual requirement
  • Voting member status will be based on accrual credited to NRG Oncology

Affiliate Member / NCORP Component

  • Designate only one NRG Oncology Main Member as the parent site
  • Accrual reimbursement is sent to the Affiliate Member by the designated Main Member site
  • Accrue at least three (3) patients per year in NCTN treatment intervention trials
  • Maintain satisfactory data quality, timeliness, and audit scores
    • Typically audited at the same time as its Main Member

International Member

  • Institutions outside North America that are either a Main Member or an Affiliate Member
    • Main Member and Voting Member requirements are the same as noted above
    • Affiliate Member requirements are the same as noted above except that they must accrue at least seven (7) patients per year
  • Any NRG Oncology study for which the Canadian Cancer Trials Group (CCTG) is the Clinical Trials Agreement (CTA) holder/sponsor in Canada and mandates Canadian institutions credit CCTG, NRG Oncology will apply those accruals towards the institution’s membership requirements for NRG. 


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