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Predatory publishers: The Publications Committee has been examining the recent rise in the number and activities of predatory publishers.You may be contacted by staff at an unfamiliar journal or conference planning group who ask you to submit an article or abstract stemming from your research for publication/presentation.Some of these requests will be legitimate, but some may be coming from predatory publishers.If you suspect that an email or phone request you receive is from a predatory publisher, please check to determine, using some of the tips in the following article, that the journal or conference you plan to go to is authentic. (Reprinted from the AMWA Journal Vol. 32 No. 3, by permission of the American Medical Writers Association © 2017.)

NRG Oncology Publications Policy and Guidelines

Publications Policy & Guidelines v.03-06-2018

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Policy Overview PowerPoint for Committee Chairs v. 07-14-15

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Data Sharing Policy

Data Sharing Policy v2 10-2-15

NIH Manuscript Submission Requirements

What Corresponding Authors Need to Know
Methods for Complying with the required manuscript NIH Public Access Policy

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Federal Regulations for the Ethical Conduct of Human Subject Research

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