NRG Oncology Patient Advocate Committee



Dorothy Erlanger

Vice Chair(s)

Pat Halpin-Murphy

Tom Simon

Working Groups

No active committee working groups.

Committee Charge

The Role of the Patient Advocate on NRG Oncology Committees
NRG Oncology patient advocates bring a patient-oriented viewpoint to the research process and communicate a collective patient perspective. Advocates evaluate and provide perspective on research proposals and ongoing research activities of the committees on which they serve. They improve clinical research feasibility by providing experiential knowledge of impacts on patients and serve as a critical reminder of the need for research focused on patient benefit and outcomes.


Disclaimer: The following resources have been recommended by members of the NRG Oncology Patient Advocates Committee and are provided for informational and educational purposes. NRG Oncology claims no responsibility for the content of this information.

Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition

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Colon Cancer Alliance

Prostate Cancer Support Group of the Greater Quad City Area

Other Resources
NRG Oncology Letter to Congress re: ACA reform

Committee Members

Dorothy Erlanger: Health Disparities, PCOR, Ovarian Cancer

Jade Gibson: Gynecologic Cancer

Pat Halpin-Murphy:Breast Cancer

Mark Harris: Genitourinary Cancer

Faye Hollowell:Health Disparities

Barbara Ingalsbe: Medical Oncology

Wenora Johnson:GI-Colorectal Cancer, Data Monitoring Committee - Panel C

Dana Jones:GI-Non Colorectal

Tambre Leighn: Cancer Care Delivery Research Committee

Fiona McAlister: Translational Science, Developmental Therapeutics

Deborah Ann Miller: Rare Tumor, Communications

Marlyn Molero: Gynecologic Cancer

Julie Montas:GI-Non Colorectal

Adrienne Moore: Uterine Corpus

Laurel Pracht: Cancer Prevention and Control, Cancer Care Delivery Research

Diane Rose: Breast, Cancer Prevention and Control

Louise F. Scott:Health Disparities

Jeffrey Shoop:Head and Neck

Tom Simon:Lung, Genitourinary

Lisa Taylor: Data Monitoring Committee A

Jason Tharp: Brain Tumor

Tarah Warren: Ovarian

Kimberly Williams: Cervix/Vulva

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