Ovarian Cancer Subcommittee



Vice Chair(s)

New Investigator Liaisons

Peter Rose, MD

Working Groups

No active committee working groups.

Committee Charge

The NRG Oncology Ovarian Cancer Subcommittee’s purpose is to improve the lives of patients with ovarian cancer by designing and conducting practice-changing multi-institutional clinical trials and translational research. This committee focuses on developing and testing innovative advanced surgical, radiation oncology, and systemic (including chemotherapy, and other targeted / biologic therapies) technologies for patients with gynecologic ovarian malignancies. Additionally, the committee is committed to identifying and rectifying disparities in patient outcomes within this population.

The goals of this committee include developing national and international priorities, goals and initiatives for the management of ovarian cancer; developing and managing currently active and developing NRG clinical trials on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancers; and, fostering the advancement of promising therapeutics in development and exploring potential translational research and biomarker development for incorporation into future clinical trials. This committee strives to develop and implement standardized procedures needed to design and conduct a research protocol within the NRG while identifying potential barriers and potential solutions to improve enrollment to NRG clinical trials in ovarian cancers, including fostering international collaboration. This committee meets four times a year, twice in-person and twice virtually.

Committee Members

    TR Representatives

    • Rebecca Arend
    • Elizabeth Swisher

    Core Members

    • Sarah Adams
    • Miriam AlHilli
    • Michael Birrer
    • Stephanie Blank
    • Michael Bookman
    • Justin Bottsford-Miller
    • Lindsay W. Brubaker
    • Yovanni Casablanca
    • Robert Coleman
    • Keiichi Fujiwara
    • Melissa Geller
    • Andrea Jewell
    • Tamara Kalir
    • Kidong Kim
    • Katherine Kurnit
    • Carrie Langstraat
    • Jayanthi Lea
    • Jung-Min Lee
    • Robin Lockhorst
    • Haider Mahdi
    • Gina Mantia-Smaldone
    • Merry Markham
    • Daniela Matei
    • Georgia McCann
    • Carolyn Muller
    • John Nakayama
    • Matthew Oliver
    • David O'Malley
    • Brian Orr
    • Kathryn Pennington
    • Leslie Randall
    • Debra Richardson
    • Sang Young Ryu
    • Angeles Alvarez Secord
    • Mark Shahin
    • Chrisann Winslow

    General Members

    • Vaagn Andikyan
    • Kian Behbakht
    • Erin Bishop
    • Sara Bouberhan
    • Stephen H. Bush II
    • Guilherme Henrique Cantuaria
    • Michael Carney
    • John Chan
    • Deidre Cleary
    • Lauren Cobb
    • Amaranta Craig
    • Marta Crispens
    • Lauren Dockery
    • Nicole Eiseler
    • Tony Eng
    • Evelyn Fleming
    • Katherine Fuh
    • Anne Gabel
    • Whitney Graybill
    • Jean Hansen
    • Ellen Hartenbach
    • Nadia Ismiil
    • Eleftheria Kalogera
    • Michael Kelly
    • Byoung-Gie Kim
    • Charles Landen
    • Ying Liu
    • Colleen McCormick
    • Arwa Mohammad
    • Deborah Moore
    • Mark Morgan
    • Robert Morris
    • Mary Mullen
    • Christa Nagel
    • Matthew T Oliver
    • Brian Orr
    • Jeong-Yeol Park
    • Clarissa Polen-De
    • Rebecca L. Porter
    • Jianyu Rao
    • Maria Reyes
    • Colleen Rivard
    • John Schorge
    • William Tew
    • Diogo Torres
    • John Veena
    • Katrina Wade
    • Saravut Weroha
    • Ira Winer
    • Kristen Zeligs
    • Wenxin Zheng
    • Oliver Zivanovic
    • Emese Zsiros

    Patient Representatives

    Katheen Gavin

    Alexi Wright

    Nurse/DM Representatives

    Mary Smrekar

    Liz Swords

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