Data Management Resources


Data Management Contact List
The Data Management Contact List provides contact names and information for Data Management personnel on all studies.


Lost to Follow-up Guidance Document
See: NRG Oncology Lost to Follow-up Guidance Document for instructions and contact information regarding patients that are considered lost to follow-up. 


Never Say Lost
Booklet for minimizing number of patients who become lost to follow-up. Click here for booklet.

Use of Consent Withdrawal Process
The "Consent Withdrawal Process" should be followed when study participants no longer wishes to have their records included in the research project. For more information see: Consent Withdrawal Process.

Medidata Rave FAQs - Updated: April 15, 2018
See: Medidata Rave FAQs on how to obtain a user account and use Rave.

See: ePRO FAQs on how to access and use the patient cloud and ePRO items.

Routine AE Reporting Guidance Document
See: Routine AE Reporting Guidelines for information regarding routine adverse event reporting in NRG Oncology clinical trials.

Site Request for Early IRB Closure
CTSU’s Request for LPO Approval of Early Closure Form is now available on the CTSU website under Resources > CTSU Operations Information > CTSU Forms. See additional NRG instructions




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