Immunotherapy Subcommittee


Vice Chair(s)


Working Groups

No active committee working groups.

Committee Members

  • Mariam AlHilli
  • Adanma Anji Ayanambakkam Attanathi
  • Harry D. Bear
  • Leslie Bradford
  • Pavani Chalasani
  • Jenny Chang
  • Jennifer H. Choe
  • Eileen Connolly
  • Maria Diab
  • Bently Doonan
  • Claire F. Friedman
  • Marina Frimer
  • Eugenia Girda
  • Oleg Gligich
  • Shalina Gupta-Burt
  • Brian S Henick
  • Hyunseok Kang
  • Juraj Kavecansky
  • Namita Khanna
  • Olivia Lara
  • Jyoti Mayadev
  • Yvonne M. Mowery
  • Neil Newman
  • Adam C. Olson
  • Ravi Patel
  • Rebecca L Porter
  • Nawal Shaikh
  • Travis T. Sims
  • Anna Spreafico
  • Janos L. Tanyi
  • Jonathan Thompson
  • Rachael B. Turner
  • Joan R. Tymon-Rosario
  • Susanna Ulahannan
  • Meng Welliver
  • Trisha Wise-Draper
  • Joseph Zenga

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