Radiation Oncology Committee


Vice Chairs



Medical Physics Subcommittee
Ying Xiao, PhD
Vice Chairs
Stanley Benedict, PhD

Working Groups

NRG Particle Therapy Work Group (formerly Proton Work Group)

NRG Particle Therapy Subcommittee Member Job Description

Chair: Charles B. Simone, II, MD
Liaisons: Steven Kry, Paige Taylor, Laura Dawson, Theodore Hong, Minesh Mehta, Zhong Xiao Liao, Shannon MacDonald, Annie Chan, Steven Lin, Nancy Mendenhall, Brian Baumann, Karan Hoffman, Jason Efstathiou, Jeff Buchsbaum, Curtiland Deville Jr., Xiaoying Liang

2022 Particle Therapy Symposium: “Defining the Value of Proton Therapy in the Next Generation of NRG Oncology Proton Trials”

Committee Charge

The NRG Oncology Radiation Oncology Committee coordinates the group's radiation oncology-related activities.


  • Develop short and long term strategic plans to address the research interests of the radiation oncology community. 
  • Collaborate with the other NRG committees and staff, as well as with other professional societies, to address common concerns. 


4th Annual NRG RO Symposium: Radio Protectors Next Generation

Symposium Recording

Presentations 3rd Annual RO Symposium "Radiopharmaceutical Therapy (RPT)"

Amir Irvani, MD: "Overview of Opportunities of RPT in the NCTN (Radiation dosimetry in RPT trials)"

Charles Kunos, MD, PhD: "NIH Commitment - ETCTN" (audio only)

Hiram Gay, MD: "PI Update on NCI Protocol #10301"

Jyoti Malhortra, MD, MPH: "PI Update on Protocol #10302"

RO Symposium Radiopharmaceutical Therapy (RPT) Recording (Kunos presentation removed)

RO Committee Updates Recording

Presentations 2nd Annual RO Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Radiation Oncology

AI Applications in NRG Oncology and IROC

Bringing AI to the Oncology Clinic

The Future of AI in Radiation Therapy Research and Planning


NRG Radiation Oncology (RO) Committee Calls
NRG RO Committee conference meetings occurs the 2nd Thursday of every 2 months (bi-monthly) effective 9/12/2019  (schedules are subject to change, members must check email notifications or contact admin support)   


EMAIL:  Info@nrgradonccomm


EMAIL:  Info@nrgradonccomm

CONTACT US powellt@nrgoncology.org

Committee Member Responsibilities

Radiation Oncology Committee Member Job Description

Committee Members


Brain:        Christina Tsien, MD / Tony Wang, MD
Breast:      Steven Chmura, MD / Simona Shaitelman, MD
Gyn:          Mark Bernard, MD / Eric Donnelly, MD
GI:             Evan Wuthrick, MD / Emma Holliday, MD
GU:           Dan Krauss, MD / Hiram Gay, MD
H&N:         Jimmy Caudell, MD / Jason Chan, MD
Lung:        Pamela Samson, MD / Stephen Chun, MD
Sarcoma:  Dian Wang, MD / Philip Wong, 

Jason A. Efstathiou - Member
Stephen Kry - Member
Julie White - Member
Ying Xiao - Member
Ceferino Obcemea - Member
Dan Pryma - Member
Mark Rosen - Ex-Officio
Mitchell Machtay - Ex-Officio
Walter Bosch - Ex-Officio

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