Center for Innovation in Radiation Oncology


Contouring Atlases, Templates & Tools

Disclaimer: The contouring atlases, templates, and tools made available on this webpage illustrate the consensus reached among physicians, physicists and other clinical trialists involved in cooperative research groups and disease site committees. The cooperative groups and authors are not responsible for any use of these guidance by third parties.







Center for Innovation in Radiation Oncology (CIRO)


Quynh-Thu Le, MD                   Mitchell Machtay, MD
Evan Wuthrick, MD
Ying Xiao, PhD

Administrative Support: Theresa Rudolph

NRG Oncology established Center for Innovation in Radiation Oncology (CIRO) to achieve the following aims:

1) Promote innovative Radiation Therapy (RT) research within the entire National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN)

        • Accelerate the testing of new radiation oncology innovations in NCTN clinical trials in all groups
        • Facilitate the application of innovations across all appropriate protocols

2) Foster intergroup collaboration and protocol harmonization in terms of inclusion and description of RT techniques and delivery devices

        • Reduce timelines for development of new protocols
        • Improve the clarity of NCTN protocols


Radiation oncologists and medical physicists collaborate and provide the documents and tools listed on this webpage.

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