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About the NRG Health Equity Fellowship


NRG Oncology is committed to taking steps to support research that goes beyond surveying the systemic issues within the healthcare landscape. The Health Equity Fellowship Program, founded by Dr. Joan Walker  co-PI of NRG's National Cancer Institute (NCI) Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP), outlines three strategic, high-level goals which ultimately will provide a broader perspective in clinical trials research across multiple disease sites: 

  • Targeting inequity by increasing representation of communities from diverse backgrounds in clinical research and eliminating racial/ethnic disparities in health. A particular emphasis will be given to the recruitment of researchers from underrepresented groups, as defined by NIH (
  • We aim to train the next generation of researchers and physicians who have the support base required to confidently conduct inclusive research. Selected early-stage NRG Oncology investigators will be mentored in clinical trials education, resources, and training, the program provides networking opportunities and pathways to leadership for communities of color.
  • Building trust between communities of color and research institutions/hospitals and developing successful clinical trials scientists that can compete in grant writing processes. This institutional transformation will increase enrollment of patients from diverse backgrounds. 

This program builds on the work of the NRG Early Career New Investigator Committee through collaboration with the committee to recruit applicants and mentors. Our vision is to have at least one fellowship for every disease site we study.

Learn more about Program eligibility, strategy, requirements and other details in our full Program Description found here

Applications for the fellowship, mentor applications, and donation information are located below on this page.

Funding and Timeline

NRG Oncology is pleased to announce that it is partnering with the ASTRO and RTOG Foundation to offer a Health Equity Fellowship with an emphasis on radiation oncology.

The NRG Oncology Health Equity Fellowship Program trains selected early-stage investigators in the NRG Oncology system by means of a structured mentorship experience, with particular emphasis given to the recruitment of researchers from underrepresented groups. Our vision is to have at least one scholar for every disease site we study.

Applicants who applied during the first round of applications (due date of September 19) will be automatically considered for this ASTRO – RTOG Foundation award and do not have to resubmit their application.
Application Submission Deadline:  October 21, 2022
Awards Announced: Novemberber 18, 2022
Award:  $50,000 ($25,000 per year for two years.  Year two award contingent on satisfactory progress in year one.)
Fellowship Start:  January 1, 2023



How to apply for our Fellowship

Eligibility criteria for interested early-stage researchers (Fellows) includes:

  • Medical, surgical, gynecologic, or radiation oncologists or PhD prepared researchers who have completed fellowship/postdoc training. Anyone who has not been a principal investigator/co-principal investigator on a clinical trial/NIH R level grant within the past 10 years is eligible.
  • Must have previous experience within NRG Oncology or make a future commitment to do so.
  • Strong desire to develop a research career, with special priority given to those in an underserved community or addressing a health disparity.
  • Must have support from their institution/employer for the program (protected time, access to research resources, etc.) A commitment of at least 10% FTE to this program.
  • Priority will be given to individuals from underrepresented populations as defined by NIH (

Click here to download the NRG Health Equity Fellowship Application.

Please submit this application and all relevant materials to

Apply to be a Health Equity Mentor

Eligibility criteria for interested Senior Mentors who would like to be a part of the Fellowship program:
  • Medical, surgical, gynecologic or radiation oncologists or PhD prepared researchers with at least 5 years of experience with NRG Oncology or another NCI-sponsored cooperative group.
  • Must be willing to make a commitment of at least two years to participate in the mentorship program.
  • Has served as a principal investigator/co-principal Investigator for a completed NCI-sponsored cooperative group trial or a R level NIH grant
  • Must have support from their institution/employer for the program (adequate time, access to clinical research resources, etc.).

Click here to download the NRG Health Equity Mentor Application.

Please submit this application and all relevant materials to

Donate to our Fellowship

Corporate, philanthropic, and individual sponsors provide the financial support to make this program a success. Please consider making a gift to support this important effort. 100% of gifts will go to fund the NRG Health Equity Fellowship.

Donations can be mailed to:

NRG Fiscal Office:
NOVA Tower 2 Two Allegheny Center Suite 1200 Pittsburgh, PA 15212-5402
Please indicate “health equity donation” or “health equity gift” on the check or money order.

Donate Online securely through PayPal and indicate “health equity donation” in the comment box:


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