The NRG Oncology Biospecimen Bank is located in Columbus, Pittsburgh, Houston, and San Francisco.

NRG Oncology Biospecimen Banks

Welcome to the NRG Oncology Biospecimen Bank

The NRG Oncology Biospecimen Bank (NRG-BB) is the central repository of biospecimens collected from patients enrolled in NRG Oncology clinical trials. Biospecimens are stored at NRG-BB locations based on disease site. More than 1.5 million biospecimens from more than 519,500 clinical trial cases are stored at the NRG Biospecimen Bank. These include unstained slides, tissue blocks, frozen and fresh tissues, and fluids, such as plasma or serum, from various disease sites. Extensive concomitant clinical follow-up data on the patients is managed by the NRG Oncology Statistics and Data Management Center.

The purpose of the NRG-BB is to store and distribute biospecimens. The NRG-BB is the primary provider of protocol-based kits for sites to collect, process and ship patient biospecimens to the NRG-BB.

The NRG-BB also provides annotated patient samples to qualified investigators who have significant research hypotheses that merit the use of such specimens. Investigators interested in using specimens from the NRG-BB can obtain information and application forms at:


NRG Biobank Pittsburgh Relocation
Please note that the NRG Oncology Biobank Pittsburgh will relocate at the end of January 2024. As of February 1, 2024, the new address will be:

Nova Place
100 South Commons, Suite 120
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Please refrain from shipping blocks and slides designated to be submitted to the Pittsburgh Biobank from January 22-31. The biobank’s phone number will not change. Please call or e-mail with any questions at 412-697-6611 or

Message from BB Pittsburgh: Please check to be sure that the email address is not blocked at your site. Biobank staff have experienced some issues with sending emails to sites. Therefore, to ensure receipt of emails from this address at your site, contact your local IT Department and make sure the email address is whitelisted.

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