Patient Transfers

For patients enrolled through OPEN, the Transfer and Update Management System (T&UM) is to be used. The T&UM system is found on the CTSU websitein OPEN (there is a user guide found by clicking the OPEN tab on CTSU. Under the heading “Learn More About Open” it is the last bulleted item).

For patients not enrolled through OPEN (typically older, legacy NSABP, RTOG and GOG trials), you can complete the CTSU transfer form and CTSU will notify us of the transfer. To find this form on CTSU, click on the Resources tab, open the CTSU Operation Information folder on the left-hand side, select CTSU forms from this folder and you will find the transfer form listed.  Alternatively, you can follow these instructions:

    • Legacy NSABP cases not enrolled through OPEN: Access the Members’ Area of the NSABP legacy website, select the protocol, select Forms and Supporting Documents, print the TRANS form and follow the instructions. Contact Mimi Passarello, with any questions. 
    • Legacy RTOG patients not enrolled through OPEN: Access the transfer form on the legacy RTOG website. Contact with any questions. 
    • Legacy GOG patients not enrolled through OPEN: Electronic submission via the legacy GOG website. Contact with any questions.

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