Rare Tumor Subcommittee



Allan Covens, MD

Vice Chairs

Jubilee Brown, MD

New Investigator Liaisons

Allan Covens, MD

Working Groups

No active committee working groups.

Committee Members

    Core Members

    • Stacey Akers
    • Jill Alldredge
    • Susana Campos
    • Bradley Corr
    • Bojana Djordjevic
    • Mitchell Edelson
    • Esther Elishaev
    • John Farley
    • Steven Finkelstein
    • David Gershenson
    • Rachel Grisham
    • Gloria Huang
    • Amelia Jernigan
    • Amanda Nickles-Fader
    • LaToya J. Perry
    • Michael Stany
    • Meaghan Tenney
    • Denise Uyar
    • Jennifer Veneris
    • Danielle Vicus

    General Members

    • Kristin Bixel
    • Oluwole Fadare
    • Marilyn Huang
    • Paul Nowicki
    • Brooke Schlappe
    • Jessica Shank
    • Anna Strohl

    Patient Representative

    Deborah Miller

    QOL Representative

    Lari Wenzel

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