Rare Tumor Subcommittee



Vice Chair(s)

New Investigator Liaisons

Working Groups

No active committee working groups.

Committee Charge

The purpose of the Rare Tumor Subcommittee is to establish a mechanism to study rare gynecologic cancers that are inclusive of broad histologic and biomolecular abnormalities informed by preclinical data in conjunction with molecular testing and novel drug design. This committee focuses on rare gynecologic tumors, with emphasis on hypothesis-driven research with novel agents driven by biomolecular/genetic abnormalities, employing smart adaptive and innovative statistical design, translational research components and molecular profiling to minimize the number of patients required to answer questions leading to improved understanding of therapy. Additionally, this committee aims to establish protocols for rare tumors, thereby potentially eliminating exposure to ineffective therapy.

The goals of this committee include providing a venue for focused interest in rare gynecologic cancers; improving the treatment (efficacy and toxicity) for rare gynecologic cancers; transforming practice of gynecologic oncology as it pertains to rare tumors; developing robust collaborations with basic and translational researchers; establishing small working groups of clinical researchers and basic and translational scientists to streamline trial design; and, to mentor early career investigators and cultivate their passion for research in rare tumors. This committee meets four times a year, twice in-person and twice virtually.

Committee Members

    Core Members

    • Jill Alldredge
    • Lauren Cobb
    • Mitchell Edelson
    • John Farley
    • Steven Finkelstein
    • David Gershenson
    • Rachel Grisham
    • Robert Hillman
    • Elizabeth E. Hopp
    • Gloria Huang
    • Pei Hui
    • Amelia Jernigan
    • Ken Lin
    • Debbie Miller
    • Amanda Nickles-Fader
    • Joan R. Tymon-Rosario           
    • Denise Uyar
    • Danielle Vicus
    • Christina H. Wei

    General Members

    • Kristin Bixel
    • Stephen H. Bush II
    • Yovanni Casablanca
    • Tony Y. Eng
    • Oluwole Fadare
    • Marina Frimer
    • Marilyn Huang
    • Namita Khanna
    • Colleen McCormick
    • Arwa Mohammad
    • Christa I. Nagel
    • Paul Nowicki
    • Clarissa L. Polen-De
    • Andrea L. Russo
    • Brooke Schlappe
    • Jessica Shank
    • Mihae Song
    • Elizabeth H. Stover
    • Anna Strohl

      Patient Representative

      Deborah Miller

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