Protocol Operations Management



Vice Chair(s)

Working Groups

No active committee working groups.

Committee Members

  • Jame Abraham
  • Ronnie Alvarez
  • Sally Bialy
  • Mariam Boota
  • Karan Boparai
  • Stephen Chun
  • James Dignam
  • Paul DiSilvestro
  • Erica Field
  • Gini Fleming
  • Cathy Galoppo
  • Gabe Garcia
  • Vinai Gondi
  • Ragisha  Gopalakrishnan
  • Elaina Harper
  • Sharon Hartson
  • Lauren Henke
  • Kristin Higgins
  • Salma Jabbour
  • Mitch Machtay
  • Austin Miller
  • Marlyn Molero
  • Kia Neff
  • Suprabha Pulipparacharuvil
  • Laura Reese
  • Nancy Soto
  • Paige Taylor
  • Alexandra Thomas
  • Nilesh Verma
  • Yevgeniy  Vinogradskiy
  • Maria Werner-Wasik
  • Kathryn Winter
  • Greg Yothers

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