Cancer Care Delivery Research Committee


Working Groups

No active committee working groups.


CCDR Symposium – Monday, October 25, 2021

Register now for the upcoming symposium focusing on implementation science approaches and their role in Cancer Care Delivery Research.

Please see attached flyer for details.

VIDEO: Overview of NRG Oncology NCORP Concept Development: Navigating NCI and R01 Submissions
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Committee Members

Karen Basen-Engquist
Maria Bell
Ronald Chen
Fumiko Chino
Heidi Donovan
Melissa Foust
Shefali Gajjar
Radikha Gogoi
Gregory Gressel
Natalya Greyz
Laurel Habel
Andrea Haggeman
Laura Holman
Julian Hong
Ismail Jatoi
Margaret Liang
Andrew McDonald
Nitin Ohri
Gilbert Padula
Laurel Pracht
Stephanie Pugh
Tonnica Sasanas
Kathryn Schmitz
Bernard Tawfik
Vivek Verman
Moira Visovatti
Joan Westendorp
William Wilson
Kaveh Zakeri

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