Cancer Care Delivery Research Committee



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Working Groups

No active committee working groups.

Committee Charge

Cancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR) is a multidisciplinary science that seeks to improve clinical outcomes and patient well-being by intervening on patient, clinician, and organizational factors that influence care delivery.

The goal of CCDR within NRG and the NCORP is to generate evidence that can be used to improve clinical practice, particularly through the evaluation of pragmatic interventions focused on clinicians, staff, and/or practices.

NRG CCDR research priorities focus on the following topics:

  • Integrating patient-reported outcomes into clinical practice (extends survival;
  • Enhance access to proven survivorship and palliative care strategies optimizing survivor and family quality of life;
  • Optimize screening strategies based on disease risk including patients in the post-treatment surveillance phase of care
  • Implement evidence-based symptom management strategies addressing patients’ needs during both active adjuvant and palliative treatment.
  • NRG CCDR is especially interested in interventions that address and ameliorate healthy disparities especially among rural, older, and/or racially/ethnically diverse adult



Select CCDR Web Resources:

NCI Community Oncology Research Program


NRG Digital Health-CCDR Webinar: Implementation Science for Digital Health.
Held April 15, 2022.

NRG CCDR Symposium Video – Applying Implementation Science in CCDR: Exercise Programming in Medical Oncology as an Exemplar

This previously recorded webinar aims to educate the CCDR community on implementation science approaches and their role in Cancer Care Delivery Research.


VIDEO: Overview of NRG Oncology NCORP Concept Development: Navigating NCI and R01 Submissions
Please use passcode: .jLbpAz4

Committee Members

  • Andrea Haggeman
  • Andrew McDonald
  • Anna Jo Bodurtha Smith
  • Bernard Tawfik
  • Evan M. Graboyes
  • Fumiko Chino
  • Gilbert Padula
  • Heidi Donovan
  • Ilana Graetz
  • Joan Westendorp
  • Julian Hong
  • Karen Basen-Engquist
  • Kathryn Schmitz
  • Kaveh Zakeri
  • Kea Turner 
  • Laura Holman
  • Laurel Habel
  • Laurel Pracht
  • Margaret Liang
  • Maria Bell
  • Mark J. Wojtowicz
  • Mary Cooley
  • Matthew Hudson
  • Megan Mullins
  • Melissa Foust
  • Moira Visovatti
  • Natalya Greyz
  • Nitin Ohri
  • Prajakta Adsul
  • Radikha Gogoi
  • Ronald Chen
  • Shefali Gajjar
  • Stephanie Pugh
  • Tonnica Sasanas
  • Vivek Verman
  • William Wilson


Kent et al., (2015). Cancer Care Delivery Research: Building the Evidence Base to Support Practice Change in Community Oncology

Shalowitz & Cohn (2018). Cancer Care Delivery Research in Gynecologic Oncology

Geiger et al., (2020). Evolution of Cancer Care Delivery Research in the NCI Community Oncology Research Program

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