Pathology Committee



Vice Chairs

Working Groups

No active committee working groups.

Committee Members

  • Amy Speaker
  • Anthony Magliocco
  • Arie Perry
  • Behnaz Behmaram
  • Bradley Stohr
  • Esther Elishaev
  • Evgeny Yakirevich
  • Gregor Krings
  • Jeffrey Simko
  • Jian-Jun Wei
  • Jianyu Rao
  • Joanna Sue Yee Chan
  • Joseph Rabban
  • Julieta E. Barroeta
  • Karen Bell
  • Karen Ferrer
  • Kelley Carrick
  • Kenneth Aldape
  • Krzysztof Moroz
  • Margaret Steinhoff
  • Megan Samuelson
  • Min Huang
  • Nilsa Ramirez
  • Peter Lucas
  • Rebecca Baergen
  • Ricardo Lastra
  • Richard Jordan
  • Robert Emerson
  • S. Rim Kim
  • Shu-Yuan Liao
  • Steven L. Carrol
  • Tamara Kalir
  • Tan Ince
  • Wenxin Zheng
  • Ziyan Salih

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