Cancer Prevention and Control Committee


Vice Chair(s)

Working Groups

No active committee working groups.


CPC Pre-LOI Form


None at this time.


Committee Members

CPC Pre-LOI Form

  • Jinbing Bai
  • Hanna Bandos
  • Deb Barton
  • Julie Baumann
  • Jennifer Bea
  • Beth Beadle
  • Stephanie Blank
  • Jeanne Carter
  • Reena Cecchini
  • Dana Chase
  • Tracy Crane
  • Jennifer Dorth
  • Danielle Enserro
  • Britt Erickson
  • Carolyn Fang
  • Vinai Gondi
  • Ragisha Gopalakrishnan 
  • Elizabeth Hile
  • Warner Huh
  • Lisa Kachnic
  • Jordan Kharofa
  • Yelena E. Kier
  • Rachel Kupets
  • Lindsay Kuroki
  • Olivia Lara
  • Simon Lo
  • Deborah C. Marshall
  • Kathryn A. Mills
  • Julie Nangia
  • Joshua Palmer
  • Frank Panedo
  • Kathryn Pennington
  • Laurel Pracht
  • Stephanie Pugh
  • Kristin Redmond
  • Kari L. Ring
  • Lindsay Romak
  • Diane Rose
  • Aasma Shaukat
  • Nicole Simone
  • Shivani Sud
  • Mylin Torres
  • C. Jillian Tsai
  • Christina M. Wilson
  • Kathleen Yost


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