Biospecimen Banking

Biospecimen Collection & Shipment to NRG Biospecimen Bank Locations and Outside Laboratories

In response to evolving federal, state, and local guidance regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, any changes to NRG biospecimen collection and shipments will be noted below and updated regularly.

For questions about biospecimens usually sent to the NRG Biospecimen Bank locations, please contact Please include the study number in the subject line of your email.

General Guidelines

All NRG Oncology Biospecimen Bank locations are open for business; however, some are operating at limited capacity.

Shipping companies are still experiencing unexpected delays. Site should monitor all shipments to ensure delivery at the bank.

  • Baylor - Please refer to the memorandum be found here.
  • Columbus - Ship as per protocol
  • Pittsburgh - Please refer to the memorandum found here
  • San Francisco - Ship as per protocol

Specific Instructions for Select NRG Trials

  • FFPE tissue should be shipped to the ETCTN Biorepository as per protocol.
  • Serum and plasma may be shipped to the Analytical Pharmacology Core Laboratory at Johns Hopkins; however, the following steps are requested to ensure samples are properly received:
    • Prior to shipment, sites must contact the lab at to provide shipment notification with tracking information; and
    • Until further notice, Monday and Wednesday shipments are preferred.
    • Specific details can be found here.
    • CEC whole blood should be submitted as per protocol and shipped to:
      Preclinical Development Research Core, NCI, NIH
      Building 10, Room 12C208
      10 Center Drive, Bethesda, MD 20892 USA
      Phone: 240-760-6330
    You must email,, and
    1.  The day you collect the blood, and
    2. Once the tracking number is available.

PPD Kit Ordering
Turnaround times for initial and re-supply kit orders is now longer due to COVID-19. It is extremely important that sites anticipate longer turnaround times for all kit orders. Sites should not screen patients unless it has been confirmed that a kit is available on site. At present, the estimated turnaround time for both initial and re-supply kit orders is approximately 11-14 days from order to receipt; kits cannot be expedited at this time. Given the current pandemic situation, it is recommended that sites plan their requests slightly more in advance than previously and allow several weeks for delivery.

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