Developmental Therapeutics Committee



The Developmental therapeutics committee’s purpose is to support the design and development of novel Phase I and II studies to identify the dose, schedule and preliminary efficacy of novel therapeutic approaches with the goal to advance safe and effective novel therapies into Phase 2 and 3 studies. Our studies include traditional phase I and II studies, window-of-opportunity studies, neoadjuvant therapy studies, and novel therapeutic designs. We support the development of translational and correlative studies to advance the science behind these novel therapeutic options. We strive to educate, include and support (early) investigators in drug development, design and conduct of early phase clinical trials.

The full committee meets 2 times per year during the NRG Oncology semi-annual in-person meetings. The Core Committee additionally meets with two virtual interim meetings in between the semi-annual NRG Oncology meetings. Study-specific meetings occur on a weekly/bi-weekly basis, and depending on the phase of development.

Developmental Therapeutics Committee Leadership


Roisin O'Cearbhaill, MD

Vice Chair

Floor Backes, MD

Vice Chair

Panos Konstantinopoulos, MD

Committee Members

    Core Members

    • Sarah Adams
    • Christina Annunziata
    • Lisa Barroilhet
    • Jan Beumer
    • Lee-May Chen
    • Bradley Corr
    • Erin Crane
    • Claire F. Friedman
    • Katherine Fuh
    • Stephanie Gaillard
    • Eugenia Girda
    • Radhika Gogoi
    • John Hays
    • June Hou
    • Marilyn Huang
    • Amanda L. Jackson
    • Joyce Liu
    • Sarah Lynam
    • Haider Mahdi
    • Cara Mathews
    • Jyoti Mayadev
    • Sanaz Memarzadeh
    • Kathleen Moore
    • Debra Richardson
    • Russell Schilder
    • Fiona Simpkins
    • Andrea E. Wahner Hendrickson
    • Ding Wang
    • Shannon Westin
    • Oladapo Yeku
    • Dmitriy Zamarin

    General Members

    • Therese Youssef Andraos
    • Deborah Armstrong
    • Adanma Anji Ayanambakkam Attanathi
    • Monica Avila
    • Kalyan Banda
    • Elizabeth Dominic Barrows
    • Saveri Bhattacharya
    • Michael Bookman
    • William Bradley
    • Lindsay Brubaker
    • Jennifer H. Choe
    • Madison L. Conces
    • Sarah E. Crafton
    • Trisha Wise-Draper
    • John Farley
    • Vaia Florou
    • Julia Foldi
    • Claire Friedman
    • Melissa Geller
    • Sharad Ghamande
    • Catherine T. Haring
    • Brian Henick
    • Dharamvir Jain
    • Yong-Man Kim
    • Emily Kinssey
    • Megan L Kruse
    • Chrisann Kyi
    • Charles Landen
    • Jayanthi Lea
    • Daniel Lee
    • Elizabeth Lee
    • Shashikant Lele
    • Ken Lin
    • Amit Mahipal
    • Stephanie Markovina
    • Carolyn McCourt
    • John Moroney
    • Fernanda Musa
    • Alexander Olawaiye
    • Brian Orr
    • Leslie Randall
    • Fauzia Riaz
    • Peter Rose
    • Masey M Ross
    • Angeles Secord
    • Aditya Varnam Shreenivas
    • Jean Siedel
    • Travis T. Sims
    • Mihae Song
    • Jessica D. St. Laurent
    • Sarah E. Taylor
    • Candice N. Thompson
    • Mei Wei
    • Ira Winer
    • Oladapo Yeku
    • Janie Zhang
    • Yuanyuan Zhang
    • Qing C. Zhao

      Nurse Representative

      Joni Shortt


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