Pharmacy Subcommittee
Judith Smith,
Vice Chairs
Corey Langer, MD
Deborah Armstrong, MD

Immunotherapy Subcommittee
Susanna Ulahannan,
Vice Chairs
Janice Lu,

Working Groups

No active committee working groups.

Committee Members

  • Manik Amin
  • Deborah Armstrong
  • Rita Axelrod
  • Firas B. Badin
  • Pedro Barata
  • Gehan Botrus
  • Justine L. Bruce
  • Gary Buchschacher
  • Shalina D Gupta-Burt
  • Pavani Chalasani
  • Jain Dharamvir
  • Martin J. Edelman
  • Robert L. Ferris
  • Vaia Florou
  • Julia Foldi
  • Michael K. Gibson
  • Maura Gillison
  • Jon Glass
  • Rachel Grisham
  • Achuta K. Guddati
  • Vera Hirsh
  • Jamil Kharti
  • Lyndon Kim
  • Kedar Shirish Kirtane
  • Julie A. Kish
  • Corey Langer
  • Ticiana Leal
  • Ronald J. Maggiore
  • Amit Mahipal
  • Juan Pablo Moreno
  • Roisin E. O'Cearbhaill
  • Ritesh Parajuli
  • Rubina Qamar
  • Brian H Ramnaraign
  • Sherise Rogers
  • Peter Rose
  • Anwaar Saeed
  • Howard Safran
  • Zeyad Sako
  • Charles L. Shapiro
  • Janakiraman Subramanian
  • Ashley Sumrall
  • Alexandra Thomas
  • Jonathan Thompson
  • Anne Tsao
  • Mei Wei
  • Nicole Williams
  • Debra A. Wong
  • Stuart J. Wong
  • Janie Y Zhang


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