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NRG Oncology has collected any additional resources that may be helpful to patients related to cancer and cancer reserach are provided in the links below.

Always Speak to Your Provider Regarding Decisions Pertaining to Your Healthcare
Please note that the goal of these materials is to educate and inform about NRG Oncology trials. The information available on our website is not a substitute for medical advice. Your healthcare team is the best source for information about your treatment options, including cancer clinical trials. Please take any information you collect to your doctor to discuss your questions and concerns.

Patient Videos

NRG-RTOG 1308: Phase III Randomized Trial Comparing Overall Survival After Photon Versus Proton Chemoradiotherapy for Inoperable Stage II-IIIB NSCLC

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NRG-GY022: Assessment of Carboplatin Clearance Predictors: A PK Study on NCI-sponsored Clinical Trials or Standard of Care Treatments Using Carboplatin

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Patient Links

Cascade Genetic Testing Information


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