NRG Oncology PSC 2022 Winter Meeting Wrap Up

March 08 2022

Written by Donna White RN, BSN, OCN Research Program Manager GYN Oncology, Cleveland Clinic

Thank you for attending the Protocol Support Committee (PSC) offerings this month during the Semiannual NRG Oncology Business Meeting. It is great to see such enthusiasm and engagement among our ranks. Fun Fact: There were over 2,500 registered for this winter meeting with 1,685 in attendance for the four PSC sessions.  The Introduction to Clinical Trials: Principles of NRG Oncology Clinical Trial Management for Nurses and CRA’s: Morning Session had the largest attendance with 902 participants.

While we all had our fingers crossed for an in person meeting it just wasn’t in the cards for this time. Plans were quickly changed and Cindy Licavoli RN, BSN, MA sprang to action directing and overseeing the conversion from in person learning to a virtual format. She made numerous calls, sent a multitude of emails, assigned PSC members to various roles, recruited volunteers, and tested and retested access to the remote platform. In essence the success of the PSC presentations is due mostly to the role that Cindy played in pulling it all together. So, a big shout out and thank you to Cindy!

The PSC sessions began Thursday morning with a full agenda including an overview of NRG Oncology, NRG Membership, and Regulatory Affairs. This was followed by sessions on Expedited Adverse Event Reporting, Investigational Drug Management, and Medidata Rave. Our early afternoon sessions included Quality Assurance Audits, Pathology/biospecimen Collections, RECIST Criteria, and the Mentorship Program. Continuing on to late afternoon, we learned about Patient Screening & Enrollment, Treatment Modalities in Clinical Trial Management, Data Management, and Adverse Event Reporting. Our very informative first day concluded just after 6 PM allowing us all a little time to relax for the evening and digest what we learned throughout the day.

During the Friday PSC sessions we learned about the FORTE trial, NRG Oncology Social Media Activities, Updates to the Quality Assurance Program as well as CTSU updates. We heard a timely story of Leadership Development and about quality assurance from a site perspective. The presenters were all engaged and did a wonderful job of presenting information in a clear, understandable, professional manner.

Now that we have piqued your curiosity hearing about all of the great topics presented, we want to let you know how you can still participate in this educational event. Don’t feel bad for having missed the meeting. While we cannot actually present the meeting again, we are able to share our meeting slides and some great recordings with you.

Just follow this link to see all available meeting resources.

Thursday morning resources are recordings of the presentation allowing you to hear and see the presenter. Others are slide sets. Either way we hope you are able to review and enjoy these very valuable resources available to you and other members of your team.

We are looking forward to our next meeting July 21-23, 2022, in Chicago. Hopefully we will be able to meet in person, but if not, you can count on us to provide you with more relevant information for participation in NRG Oncology Clinical Trials. If you have any thoughts on topics that you would like to learn about, please email us at would love to hear your thoughts!

Just a reminder, we have a wonderful Clinical Research Coordinator Mentor Program offered through NRG Oncology. This program is designed to support NRG Oncology nurses and CRA’s to provide one-on-one support and guidance to new researchers or someone who recently changed positions or if your institution is having difficulty with accrual, data delinquency rates or an unsatisfactory audit.

To find out more about the Mentorship Program follow the link below.

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