NRG Oncology is seeking an experienced Patient Advocate to serve as Vice Chair for its Patient Advocate Committee.

March 25 2024

Application deadline: April 12, 2024

The Patient Advocate Committee (PAC) is seeking nominations for the position of Vice Chair.

This volunteer position provides the selected individual the responsibility of facilitating and guiding the NRG Oncology Patient Advocate Committee (PAC) and program through a process to update its vision and create an action plan to build on its success.

The ideal candidate to co-lead our program is an experienced Patient Advocate in the area of cancer research. The position requires a leader with the skills and abilities to coordinate and facilitate our volunteer advocates in refining and working toward a collective mission as part of NRG Oncology within the NCI National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN) and NCI Community Oncology Program as well as within the greater cancer research community. The position inherently requires an ability to successfully harness diverse perspectives and input into collective action, ease in speaking in front of others, persuasiveness, skillful relationship building, and clarity of vision. A tech savvy individual with a strong background in the use of social media is preferred. Candidates should demonstrate a history of leadership within other advocacy/non-profit organizations.

Nominal funds from federal grants to offset related effort and travel to NRG Oncology meetings is provided. Staff support to help manage rote administrative committee functions is provided.

NRG Oncology welcomes as much time as the individual is willing and able to provide, but thecandidate should be prepared to contribute minimally enough time to plan and execute interim meeting agendas; attend the two NRG semiannual meetings; engage regularly with NRG colleagues via phone/email as well as with the NCTN PAC; and keep abreast of the relevant activities of the committee, NRG Oncology, and the cancer research community overall.

To Apply: Applicants for the position should forward a cover letter addressing your specific interests and qualifications for the role as well as your NIH biosketch to The deadline for the application submission is April 12, 2024.

If you have questions about the position, forward those to the same email and we will have an appropriate party get back to you.

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