Get to Know the Protocol Support Committee (PSC)

December 09 2021

Written by Pamela Mason, RN, BSN, CCRP from FirstHealth of the Carolinas

The Protocol Support Committee (PSC) is one of the scientific core committees that collaborate to offer clinical trials under the NRG Oncology program. This collaboration includes the areas of quality control, education and training, and mentorship. The PSC is further comprised of two subcommittees, The Clinical Trial Nurse (CTN) subcommittee and The Clinical Research Associate (CRA) subcommittee. The organizational structure is provided below for reference.

The CTN and CRA subcommittees meet twice yearly in conjunction with the NRG semi-annual meetings.In addition, members convene via conference calls or WebEx when needed. CTN members provide nursing knowledge and expertise regarding implementation and administration of protocol procedures to include patient care and potential compliance issues. CRA members contribute non-nursing knowledge and expertise for protocol development. Requests for CTN and CRA subcommittee applicants are sent out to members as needed by NRG oncology and both subcommittee terms follow the guidance of NRG Oncology.

CTN and CRA subcommittee member responsibilities include attendance at the semi-annual NRG group meetings, write, assist with writing or soliciting an article from a colleague to be used in the NRG newsletter, assist and/or facilitate activities at the semi-annual NRG group meetings, and involvement in one of the PSC working groups which are Protocol Review, Education and Training, Quality Control & Communications, and Mentorship.

We are pleased to announce that the most recent call for members resulted in the following new members:

CTN Subcommittee

Joan Cahill

Duke University Health System, NC

Noriko Fujiwara

Research Hospital of the Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo

CRA Subcommittee

Thea Miller-Melancon

Lahey Hospital and Medical Center

Sarah Lewis

Tunnell Cancer Center, Beebe Healthcare, DE

Lauren Seams

Lewis Cancer & Research Pavilion, GA

Mitsuko Mouri

Kanagawa Institute of Industrial Science and Technology, Japan

Marissa Weiss

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Stacy Mercado

University of Hawaii Cancer Center

Lauren Patrick

University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

Elena Nelson

University of FL Health Cancer Center

Please give them a warm welcome.

For a complete listing of the members of the PSC as well as contact information please visit the NRG Oncology website under the committees & programs link ( and consider applying for a committee position in the future. When you are ready to make the commitment, NRG Oncology needs you!

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