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The NRG Oncology Cancer Prevention and Control (CPC) Committee is Accepting Applications 

TheNRG Oncology CPC Committee is currently accepting applications for membership. The CPC leaders are seeking applicantsfrom varied backgrounds interested in clinical or translational cancerprevention and control efforts and/or serving as liaisons to the seven NRGOncology disease site committees. Emphasis will be given to those candidateswith strong research and/or clinical expertise in developing cancer preventionstrategies, symptom mitigation interventions, or translational efforts with theoverarching goal of biomarker development. See full application details here(w/ link to information document) Applicantswill need to submit:

  • The completed application form
  • An NIH-type biosketch OR an abridged (limit 4 pages) CV if biosketch is unavailable (
  • A one (1) page maximum cover letter stating the reasons why the applicant wishes to join the committee, contributions the applicant will make to the group, and outline of relevant past contributions and accomplishments. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the CPC Committee, please complete the application and return the form and necessary materials by Monday, February 3, 2020 to

Committee Members

  • Karen M. Basen-Enguist
  • Deborah Barton
  • Jennifer W. Bea
  • Daniela Bota
  • Jeanne Carter
  • Dana Chase
  • Ronald C. Chen
  • Tracy Crane
  • Albert S. DeNittis
  • Jenny Dorth
  • Gini Fleming
  • Sue Friedman
  • Vinai Gondi
  • Mark H. Greene
  • Elizabeth Hile
  • Joanne Jeter
  • Noah Kauff
  • Bridget F. Koontz
  • James Leenstra
  • Douglas Levine
  • Lynne Lippman
  • Simon S. Lo
  • Phuong Mai
  • Michael Method
  • Polly Niravath
  • Gilbert D.A. Padula
  • Steven Charles Plaxe
  • Bethan Powell
  • Laurel J. Pracht
  • Kristin Janson Redmond
  • Janet Sue Radar
  • Wajeeha Razaq
  • William Russell Robinson III
  • Gustavo Rodriguez
  • Lindsay Romak
  • Jennifer Scalici
  • Kathryn H. Schmitz
  • Melissa Andrea Simon
  • Nicole Simone
  • Robert Swaney
  • Cynthia A. Thomson
  • Mylin Torres
  • Lydia Usha
  • Kala Visvanathan
  • Raimond KW Wong
  • Rebecca KS Wong

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