Attendee Policies

By registering for the NRG Oncology Summer 2022 Meeting, you acknowledge your registration and participation are subject to the following Attendee Policies. 

Equal Opportunity Statement

NRG Oncology events and activities are available without regard to race, sex, religion, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, or other legally protected status.

COVID-19 Policies

Please view our COVID-19 FAQ page for more information on NRG health and safety protocols.

Recording & Reproduction Rights

NRG Oncology reserves the rights to all 2023 NRG Oncology Winter Meeting presentations and associated materials. Commercial use of recordings or reproductions of any presentations are strictly prohibited without the consent of NRG Oncology. Non-flash photography and audio or video recording using hand-held devices solely for personal and non-commercial use, such as social media, is allowed, but only to the extent that such activity is not disruptive. 

Official Photography/Videography and Attendee Authorization for the Use of Name, Image, Voice, Words, and Other Forms of Participation

NRG Oncology has secured an official photographer/videographer to document and capture meeting sessions, discussions and other events at the NRG Oncology Winter 2023 Meeting and may photograph or record parts of the meeting. Any individual attending the meeting understands that their likeness (photograph, image, voice, or reproduction, including slide presentations, thereof captured during the NRG Oncology Meeting, either in whole or in part) could be used without limitation or reservation, for multimedia and broadcasting purposes including, but not limited to social media, website, newsletter, or other promotional material for NRG Oncology purposes.  Individuals further acknowledge that they have no ownership or copyright claim to said likeness as captured during the NRG Oncology Meeting, nor will receive any payment for any use of their likeness. NRG Oncology has the right, but not the obligation, to identify individuals in connection with such media named above, by name and/or institution affiliation.

Anti-Harassment Policy

Please view the statement released by the NRG Oncology Group Chairs HERE.  

NRG Oncology Code of Conduct

Attendee Code of Conduct can be found HERE.

Amendment to Attendee Policies

NRG Oncology may add or amend policies to this Attendee FAQ page. Any matters not specifically covered by these Attendee Policies shall be subject to NRG Oncology’s sole discretion.  


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