FORTE Study Updates (Feb 2022 Newsletter)

February 08 2022

NRG-CC005 TRIAL (FORTE) Reminders

On October 6, 2021, NRG Oncology activated the colorectal cancer prevention trial, FORTE/NRG-CC005. FORTE (Five- or Ten-Year Colonoscopy for 1-2 Non-Advanced Adenomatous Polyps) is a large, randomized trial of surveillance colonoscopy for participants with a first-time diagnosis of 1 or 2 small adenomas. Participants will be assigned to having their next colonoscopy exam at 5 years and at 10 years or their next colonoscopy exam at 10 years. The study is planning to enroll 9,500 participants (about 4,750 people in each study group).

NRG-CC005/FORTE Trial Workshop

On Thursday, February 10th from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm EST a virtual CC005/FORTE trial workshop will be offered during the semiannual NRG Oncology Meeting. This is an opportunity for sites to learn more about FORTE. Members of the CC005/FORTE trial study team will present topics such as a trial overview, tools available for sites to use, and social media. This is a great opportunity for research staff from sites working with the CC005/FORTE trial and those working to open the trial to ask questions.

One-time Network Start-up Funding

NRG is offering a one-time site network start-up fee of $5,000 to enhance recruitment. Sites who document preparation and commitment to the FORTE trial are eligible to apply. The funds are available to assist sites to establishing a clinical referral population and to institute workflows to facilitate recruitment and enrollment. Approval for funding is contingent upon review by the NRG FORTE leadership team. If your site is approved, payment will be issued to the site. If you have an interest in applying for these funds, please complete the  FORTE Network Application Form. This application is posted on the CTSU Website under NRG-CC005/Funding Information.

NRG-CC005/FORTE Trial Study Team

Protocol Chair: Robert E. Schoen, MD, MPH
Assistant Protocol Chair: Jeffrey M. Dueker, MD, MPH
Chief Scientific Officer: Douglas Corley, MD, PHD

NRG-CC005/FORTE Trial Questions

If you have questions about the NRG-CC005 / FORTE study, please contact the NRG Clinical Coordinating Department (CCD) at or 1-800-477-7227.

FORTE (NRG-CC005) Patient Webpage

Twitter: @FORTEStudy
Instagram: @FORTEStudy

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