FORTE STUDY UPDATE: NRG-CC005/FORTE Trial Communications

May 11 2022

As with any program, communication is key to the success of the NRG CC005/FORTE study. Especially unique to this study, is the importance of outreach to the GI physicians and endoscopists in your institution, network, and community. It is these physicians who will typically be your main advocate and referral source, so it is important to establish and maintain contact. Start by introducing yourselves and the FORTE study team, if possible, to the physicians and their office staff. Discuss the protocol and specifics of the research process and clarify the flow from identification to referral to the enrolling NRG research site and staff. Availability for questions will be important to your success.

To help with your promotion and education efforts for health care professionals, the FORTE team has developed several tools and resources for NRG-CC005 FORTE site research staff to use when corresponding with or presenting the NRG-CC005/FORTE study to your site physicians, potential referring physicians, endoscopists and other health care professionals. These resources are for health care professional use only and are not for patient distribution.

Currently available Site Tools/Resources include:
• Protocol (Pocket) Card
• Protocol Sell Sheet
• “Elevator Chat”

GI Societies Endorsement Letter

Intro for Endoscopist

Intro for Primary Care/MDs

FORTE Fast Facts

These documents and resource summary are posted on the CTSU website under NRG-CC005 / FORTE/documents/education and promotion.

Patient directed materials and resources which have been approved by the CIRB and are currently available include:

Additional patient-directed materials are under review. Please look to the NRG Oncology weekly broadcast for announcements of their approval and posting on CTSU.

CC005/FORTE is also listed on for: “NRG-CC005”, “CC005” or with the NCT number “NCT05080673”

Social Media accounts have been launched to promote and support the FORTE Trial. We encourage you to follow these accounts for updates

Social Media:

Twitter: @fortestudy

Instagram: @fortestudy


Questions and suggestions

We encourage you to reach out and let us know if you are looking for a specific tool or resource. Contact the NRG Oncology NRG Oncology Clinical Coordinating Department (CCD) with your comments and questions.

The NRG Oncology Clinical Coordinating Department (CCD) is available to respond to site research team clinical, logistical questions and comments for the FORTE trial at: or 1-800-477-7227.

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