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On the heels of our successful grant renewal, we are thinking about our future and ways to connect more frequently with NRG Oncology members around issues that impact us as a Group.Every couple of weeks, one of us – Norman, Robert, or Wally, will share some thoughts about a relevant topic or initiative. We will send it out via our Broadcast, but you’ll find all of our posts on our website as well. Ideas to share or questions you’d like us to address? We’d be happy to - @NRGonc or email your thoughts.

Recently, we’ve thought a lot about our friend, Dr. Phillip DiSaia in light of his passing. We hope you’ve had a chance to see one of the many articles highlighting his contributions to the field over his 40+ years.It has been just over a year since Dr. DiSaia retired from his role a NRG Oncology Group Chair, and without question we are who we are today because of Phil.The circumstances which drove the collaboration of our legacy foundations, and decision to form NRG Oncology; those were challenging times. But without question, each of us Chairs were and remain committed to NRG Oncology’s success. As we reflect on Phil’s passing, our success as an organization is a tribute to him.We will miss him, and continue to honor his legacy.

At the next semiannual meeting in early Feb. 2019 we will be celebrating our 5 years as NRG Oncology, our successful grant renewal, and honor Dr. DiSaia’s life and legacy. Phil is an integral part of our story, and a friend and mentor to many of us. We hope you will join us in honoring Phil and celebrating NRG Oncology in Phoenix.

Meeting registration will open soon, so mark your calendars!

While these couple of paragraphs aren’t much by way of two-way conversation, we hope you will find us through social media (@NRGonc) or email us ( with comments or ideas for topics or questions you’d like us to cover. 

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