Medical Physics Subcommittee

Medical Physics Subcommittee

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Chair: Ying Xiao, PhD  
Co-Chairs: Jason Sohn, PhD, Stanley Benedict, PhD

Administrative: Elizabeth O’Meara and Theresa A. Powell

The NRG Medical Physics Subcommittee supports the NRG and NCTN activities by providing physics expertise in developing protocols, establishing QA processes, updating the status of advanced technologies, and developing safe implementation guidelines.

Specific Activities and Goals

  • Contribute to specific disease site committees activities.
  • Interface with NRG subgroups, core QA centers, and the NCI.
  • Provide physics expertise for protocols
    • Develop physics and dosimetry templates for protocols
    • Specify technology implementation and QA procedure
    • Interface with AAPM task groups for new technology implementation guidelines
    • Review medical physics and dosimetry of new protocols
    • Review physics related manuscripts for NRG publication committee
  • Interact with vendors to provide clinical trial information and guidance.
  • Develop educational program to support clinical medical physicists for protocol credentialing

General Information

Duties and Responsibilities of the Committee Chair

Medical Physics Committee Member Job Description

NRG Medical Physics Subcommittee Workshop in conjunction with the NRG Semiannual Meeting
Fri, July 13, 2018 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM 
(time is subject to change)
Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Philadelphia, PA



Subcommittee Members

Yunfeng Cui - Brain
Hania Hallaq - Imaging
Yimei Huang - NCORP
Hayeon Kim - GYN
Nataliya Kovalchuk - H&N
Rajat Kudchadker - GU
Cecilia Lee - GYN
X Allen Li - Breast
Zoufeng Li - Notable Technologies
Tian Liu - NCORP
Martha M. Matuszak - Lung
Jean Moran - Breast
William Parker - GI
Tim Solberg - Lung
Bob Wallace - GU
Ping Xia - H&N
Fangfang Yin - Brain
Adam Yock - GI

Italicized = Liaison

CONTACT:  MedPhysSubcommittee


Registered Members

Registered Members List

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