CRA Subcommittee


Committee Leadership

Sharon Stockman, BA, C-CRP
Vice Chairs
Karen Holeva, BS
Joyce Neading

Working Groups

No active committee working groups.

Committee Charge

The CRA Subcommittee is an advisory/working committee provided for under the NRG Oncology Protocol Support Committee (PSC) to facilitate the goals and provide support with quality control of protocol-related activities, education and training of NRG Oncology members on relevant topics and mentorship. The committee meets twice a year at the NRG Oncology meetings and via conference calls as needed. NRG Oncology periodically sends out requests for applications to fill open or newly created CRA positions. CRA’s who would like to be considered should submit an application at that time. The PSC will serve as the selection committee to review applications along with the following criteria for the applicant CRA’s affiliated institution: accrual rate, delinquency rate and audit reports. These criteria, along with consideration for the representative make-up of the committee in terms of geographic location and type of institution, will be used to select members.

Primary goals and objectives:
  • Provide CRA input to NRG Oncology group protocol development and implementation of all non-nursing protocol-related activities. 
  • Review selective protocols from a data management perspective. 
  • Identify any relevant data management issues that impact protocol accruals related to protocol comprehension by institutions. 
  • Identify protocol related issues from a CRA perspective that impact protocol accruals, patient compliance on protocols (including but not limited to toxicity reporting, QOL compliance, case report form discrepancies, data collection, and specimen collection) issues. 
  • Coordinate data management oversight in collaboration with the PSC and Clinical Trial Nurse (CTN) Subcommittee to provide educational programs to address protocol topics or needs. 
  • Provide mentorship to members

Terms of Committee Membership

  • The term of membership for the CRA subcommittee will follow direction provided by NRG Oncology leadership.
  • Members who have not been able to attend meetings (conference calls or Group Meetings), contribute to committee projects, or support the primary goals and objectives of the committee during the first two years of membership will be asked to reconsider their commitment to the committee. 
  • Annual review of member participation by PSC. 
  • Institutional support of the CRA applicant for membership

Committee Member Responsibilities

  • Attend CRA Subcommittee meetings at the NRG Oncology Group Meetings. 
  • Participate in CRA Subcommittee conference calls. 
  • Active involvement in one of the four PSC Working Groups (Protocol Review, Education and Training, Quality Control, Mentorship). 
  • Serve on disease site or scientific core committees as assigned and report back to the PSC. 
  • Serve as a liaison between PSC and NRG CTN/CRA Members at large.

Member contact information (login required)

Committee Members

  • Donna Angel
  • Sally Brown, RN, BSN, MGA, CCRP, OCN, CBCN
  • Susan Eaton, CCRP
  • Tiffany Elsea, BA, CCRP
  • Erin Fukaya, MS, CCRP
  • Fahima Khan, PhD, CCRP
  • Holly Kitchens, CCRC
  • Alex Kudryashev, MS, CCRP
  • Lynne Lippmann, CCRP
  • Basia Lukaszczyk, BS, CCRP, CPT
  • Mary Smrekar, RN, MSN, CNP
  • Maggie So, MPH, CCRP
  • Melina Weiblen, BS

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