Developmental Therapeutics Committee



Developmental Therapeutics RT Subcommittee
Steven Lin, MD PhD
Vice Chairs
Sandip Patel, MD

Developmental Therapeutics Gynecologic Phase I Subcommittee
Russell Schilder, MD
Vice Chairs
Stephanie Gaillard, MD

Working Groups

No active committee working groups.



The NRG Oncology Developmental Therapeutics Subcommittees (Phase I and the DT-Radiation Therapy) are accepting site applications for membership to the Phase I program. Applicants will need to submit:

Please complete the application and return the form and necessary materials by September 6 to Previous members will be grandfathered-in. However, for legacy members who have not already done so, a revised application will need to be completed to expand their institutional team into other focused areas. To see the list of previous members click here.

Committee Members

    Core Members

    • Sarah Adams
    • Deborah Armstrong
    • Lisa Barroilhet
    • William Bradley
    • Robert Burger
    • Richard Carvajal
    • Lee-May Chen
    • John Farley
    • Katherine Fuh
    • Stephanie Gaillard
    • Melissa Geller
    • John Hays
    • Radhika Gogoi
    • Marilyn Huang
    • Charles Landen
    • Jung-min Lee
    • Joyce Liu
    • Haider Mahdi
    • Michael Maitland
    • Cara Mathews
    • Sanaz Memarzadeh
    • Kathleen Moore
    • David O'Malley
    • Debra Richardson
    • Peter Rose
    • Russell Schilder
    • Angeles Secord
    • Fiona Simpkins
    • Andrea E. Wahner Hendrickson
    • Ding Wang
    • Shannon Westin
    • Dmitriy Zamarin
    • Kristin Zorn

    General Members

    • Saveri Bhattacharya
    • Michael Bookman
    • Robert Coleman
    • Bradley Corr
    • Claire Friedman
    • Sharad Ghamande
    • Yong-Man Kim
    • Chrisann Kyi
    • Jayanthi Lea
    • Shashikant Lele
    • Ken Lin
    • Stephanie Markovina
    • Jyoti Mayadev
    • Carolyn McCourt
    • John Moroney
    • Fernanda Musa
    • Wilberto Nieves-Neira
    • Alexander Olawaiye
    • Rebecca Previs
    • Leslie Randall
    • Sarah E. Taylor
    • Jennifer Veneris
    • Ira Winer
    • Trisha Wise-Draper
    • Oladapo Yeku

    Patient Representative

    Kathleen Gavin

    Nurse Representative

    Joni Shortt

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