Uterine Corpus Cancer Subcommittee


Committee Leadership

Matthew Powell, MD
Vice Chairs
Ann Klopp, MD

Working Groups

No active committee working groups.

Committee Members

    TR Representative

    Douglas Levine

    Medical Oncology Representative

    Martee Hensley

    Core Members

    • Kaled Alektiar
    • Floor Backes
    • Victoria Bae-Jump
    • Joyce Barlin
    • David Bender
    • Omer Lee Burnett
    • Susana Campos
    • Kelley Carrick
    • Casey Cosgrove
    • Kathleen Darcy
    • Linda Duska
    • Ramez Eskander
    • Ashley Felix
    • Camille Gunderson
    • Neil Horowitz
    • Namita Khanna
    • Emily Ko
    • Helen J.Mackay
    • Vicky Makker
    • Cara Mathews
    • Carolyn McCourt
    • David Miller
    • David Mutch
    • Amanda Nickels Fader
    • Bhavana Pothuri
    • Marcus Randall
    • Emma Rossi
    • Brian Slomovitz
    • William Small
    • Edward Tanner
    • Sarah Temkin
    • Akila Viswanathan
    • Boris Winterhoff

    General Members

    • Amy Armstong
    • Jamie Bakkum-Gamez
    • Emma Barber
    • Michael E. Carney
    • Aine Clements
    • Bradley Corr
    • Janell Darby
    • Brittany Davidson
    • Britt Erickson
    • Amanda Nickles Fader
    • Peter Frederick
    • Valerie Galvan Turner
    • Sarah Gill
    • Gregory Gressel
    • Michael Guy
    • Kosei Hasegawa
    • James Hoffman
    • Elizabeth Hopp
    • Krisha Howell
    • Sokbom Kang
    • Christine Kim
    • Katherine Kurnit
    • Nita Lee
    • Kimberly Leslie
    • Larry Maxwell
    • Kathryn Mills
    • Jennifer Mueller
    • Carolyn Muller
    • Mario Javier Pineda
    • Bobbie Jo Rimel
    • Tyler Robin
    • Julian Schink
    • Tilley Jenkins Vogel
    • Aaron Wolfson
    • Catheryn Yashar

    Patient Representatives

    Wendy Ericsson

    Dana Moore

    Nurse/DM Representative

    HeeSun Kim-Suh

    QOL Representative

    Elizabeth Jewell

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