Patient Advocate Committee

NRG Oncology Patient Advocate Committee

The Role of the Patient Advocate on NRG Oncology Committees
NRG Oncology patient advocates bring a patient-oriented viewpoint to the research process and communicate a collective patient perspective. Advocates evaluate and provide perspective on research proposals and ongoing research activities of the committees on which they serve. They improve clinical research feasibility by providing experiential knowledge of impacts on patients and serve as a critical reminder of the need for research focused on patient benefit and outcomes.


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PAC Member Information

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Members and NRG Oncology Committee Liaison Role


Open, Chair
Pat Halpin-Murphy, Co-Chair
Tom Simon, Co-Chair

Members & NRG Committee Assignments
Evelyn Smith DeMille, Cancer Prevention and Control
Wendy Ericsson, Uterine Corpus
Dorothy Erlanger, Older Adult Working Group/PCOR
Lynnette Fahnestock, Gastrointestinal
Kathleen Gavin, Ovarian/Developmental Therapeutics
Venus Ginés, Cervix/Human Research
Barbara C. Good, PhD, Operations Office liaison/Surgical Oncology
Pat Halpin-Murphy, Breast
Faye Hollowell, Health Disparities (Special Populations)
Barbara Ingalsbe, Sarcoma Working Group/Medical Oncology
Deborah Ann Miller, Rare Tumor/Communications/Human Research
Adrienne Moore, Health Disparities/Uterine Corpus
Dellann Elliott Mydland, Brain/Surgical Oncology
Laurel Pracht, Cancer Prevention and Control/NCORP/Cancer Care Delivery Research
Diane Rose, Breast/Cancer Prevention and Control
Louise F. Scott, Health Disparities (Special Populations)
Mary Jackson Scroggins, Gynecologic/Health Disparities (Special Populations)/Rare Tumor
Westley Sholes, Genitourinary
Jeffery Shoop, Head and Neck
Tom Simon, Lung/Health Disparities
Lisa Taylor, Data Monitoring

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