Cascade Genetic Testing

Families Accelerating Cascade Testing Toolkit


Facing Our Risk - Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Information and Advocacy
FORCE is the only national nonprofit organization devoted to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. Our mission includes support, education, advocacy, awareness, and research.

National Society of Genetic Counselors

National Society of Genetic Counselors: Find a Genetic Counselor
FIND A GENETIC COUNSELOR. The Find a Genetic Counselor directory offers access to over 3,300 genetic counselors (US and Canada). Check with your insurance company to verify coverage of genetic counseling, testing and authorized providers. 

Lynch Syndrome International
Lynch Syndrome is a hereditary disorder caused by a mutation in a mismatch repair gene in which affected individuals have a higher than normal chance of developing colorectal cancer, endometrial cancer, and various other types of aggressive cancers, often at a young age – also called hereditary nonpolyposis colon cancer.

Take Control - Prevention - Siteman Cancer Center
The power of healthy living is hard to overestimate. A large percentage of cancers and many other chronic diseases can be prevented by things like eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, keeping weight in check, and getting important screening tests.

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