Chemotherapy with or without the immunotherapy drug atezolizumab in people with limited stage small cell lung cancer

Currently Unavailable for Patients

About This Study

This study closed to patient enrollment for the United States and Canada on June 23, 2022 because it has reached its recruitment goal! This will remain open to sites in Japan.

NRG-LU005 was a National Cancer Institute and NRG Oncology clinical trial to study if adding the immunotherapy drug called atezolizumab to the usual treatment of chemoradiotherapy can help lower the chance of small cell lung cancer growing or spreading and improve survival. Although the usual chemoradiotherapy treatment for this type of cancer does shrink the tumor in most cases, patients typically relapse quickly. Researchers believe that adding atezolizumab to chemoradiotherapy could improve the survival of patients with limited-stage small cell lung cancer. NRG-LU005 will compare the usual standard treatment to the same treatment plus atezolizumab. The goal is to determine if adding atezolizumab is as good as or better than the usual treatment.

Patients enrolled on NRG-LU005 will continue their regular treatment and follow up. More information will be made available as data is collected from the study.

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