Show Me the Money

April 12 2023

Written by: Erin McCaig RN, BSN from Cancer Research for the Ozarks

Are you collecting your Federal Funds?

Did you know many of the studies you are currently working on have approved additional NCI funding? There is no CTSU or Oncology Patient Enrollment Network (OPEN) steps needed to trigger these funds. To determine if additional funding is available, simply look for the dollar sign icon next to the protocol number in the OPEN history tab.

If you see a dollar sign icon next to the protocol number, click Select next to your subject enrollment and the summary screen will appear. Next, click Funding subtab at the top of the screen. The enrollment data will be displayed at the top and a funding table will populate with each of the funding types available. Funding for trial activities falls under one of the following categories: Screening for Intervention, Base Intervention, Subset Funding, Advanced Imaging, Biospecimen Collection, Special (complex or rare disease trials), and Quality of Life. Keep in mind this is trial work you are already completing per protocol, not additional tasks.

Once you have identified the correct trial activity, enter the date the funding was completed by clicking on the textbox. Enter the date. Click Save once the date (s) has/have been entered. Completion dates are required for all mandatory requests, mandatory events, optional, and conditional funding types. Remember completion dates must be entered within one year of the current date. After 365 days you are unable to collect funding for your trial activities.

For an in depth and comprehensive guide to funding, please review the Oncology Patient Enrollment Network Funding Screen User Guide available on CTSU.

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