NRG Oncology seeks to fill the position of Chair, NRG Oncology Genitourinary Cancer Committee

March 14 2024

The NRG Oncology Genitourinary Cancer Committee represents one of seven disease site committees within NRG Oncology. The Disease Site Committees develop, conduct, monitor, and report results of clinical trials and translational science projects aimed at improving outcomes (survival and quality of life) for cancer patients. These committees review and prioritize protocol concepts, and present them to the Research Strategy Committee. Committee Chairs aide in the cohesive management and conduct of NRG Oncology activities, including;

  • Providing a framework for collaborative participation designed to support the development and/or conduct of timely, feasible, and innovative clinical trials and the publication of findings.
  • Monitoring the developing, active, and yet-to-be published studies or committee activities. Prioritizes activities, allocates committee resources, and communicates priorities across the committee.
  • Delegating effectively; reassigns duties where necessary to meet timelines or deadlines.
  • Ensuring Scientific Core Committee members are appointed and engaged with Scientific Committees, and opportunities for input into developing concepts, protocols, or new directions are afforded.
  • Supporting an inclusive and engaged committee, supportive of broad input, timely engagement of liaisons where appropriate, and establishes operating norms for the committee.
  • Supporting the mentoring and training of young and/or new investigators who are interested in working with NRG Oncology.
  • Serving as an advocate for NRG Oncology in all affairs.
  • Engages across NRG Oncology; liaises with other committee chairs, participates in NRG Oncology meetings, keeps NRG Oncology Group Chairs informed of trends, changes, or concerns of note.
  • Collaborate with NRG Oncology leadership and members to write and edit scientific grants to support NRG Oncology research activities, including the NRG Oncology core grant.
  • Supporting the conduct of activities that are compliant with regulations, NRG Policies and Procedures, and practices that ensure potential conflicts are disclosed and managed.

NRG Oncology Committee Chairs must be at an NRG Oncology Member Institution and eligible to receive federal funding. Nominal funds from federal grants to offset related effort and travel to NRG Oncology meetings is provided. Committee Chairs are appointed by the NRG Oncology Group Chairs for a six-year term, renewable once.

Applicants for the position should forward a cover letter addressing your specific interests and qualifications for the role as well as your NIH biosketch to  The deadline for the application submission is April 15, 2024. If you have questions about the position, forward those to the same email and we will have an appropriate party get back to you.

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