NRG Oncology Director of Administration, Meetings, and Exhibits, Denise Mackey, Retires After 38 Years

August 13 2021

For 38 years, Denise Mackey has been the backbone of the GOG meetings, and in recent years, the NRG Oncology meetings. She has been an invaluable asset to everyone she has worked with. 

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of working with her knows that she has always been professional, calm, communicative and focused. She has a “can-do” attitude, and always has a solution for every problem that arises.  

As Director of Administration, Meetings and Exhibits, her responsibilities involved multiple positions, however she made it appear effortless. Denise’s leadership and guidance over almost four decades has been instrumental in the growth and advancement of many staff who reported to her.  Denise’s strong work ethic has been a guiding factor and influence among them. 

Wearing many hats was not a challenge for her. It was just what she did. Denise plans and delivers! She always managed the meetings with a huge smile that makes you wonder if she is even feeling the stress of all the meeting logistics and complexities hitting at the same time. 

We will miss seeing her glowing smile and quick hand wave as she is running through the hotel making all the magic happen behind the scenes.

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