NRG-CC005/FORTE Site Implementation Guide: Part 1

December 12 2022

Now that you have activated the NRG-CC005 protocol at your site, what should you do next?
Is your site active across social media platforms? Reach out to your institution’s Public Relations Department and let them know about the FORTE trial. Talk to them about how important it is to get the word out about the trial and let them know about the social media efforts already in place for FORTE at the national level.

The holiday season is a great time to create and share content on social media. Social media traffic spikes dramatically over the holidays. This is one of the best times to encourage medical and research professionals alike to follow and interact with the FORTE trial social media accounts using #FORTEStudy to draw attention to this trial. Like, follow, subscribe, and share the information shared by these accounts to bring FORTE to more people!

Encourage your sites to interact with #FORTEStudy on social media!

*NEW* Participant-Directed Materials
A Happy Birthday card, FORTE Follow-Up, and Happy New Year from FORTE card have been developed for NRG-CC005/FORTE site research staff to use when corresponding and following up with enrolled participants in the NRG-CC005/FORTE study. These participant-directed materials have been reviewed and approved by the NCI CIRB. The Participant-Directed Materials, along with the CIRB approval letter, are found under the CIRB tab on the CTSU website for NRG-CC005. To download these documents, visit NRG-CC005 on CTSU and search for “Participant Materials (version 09/20/22).” Before distribution, sites must submit to local IRB if required per site/local policy.

Accrual Updates and Milestones (as of November 30, 2022)

Top accruing sites:

  • Kaiser Permanente – Vallejo – 117 accrued
  • UPMC-Presbyterian Hospital – 64 accrued
  • Park Nicollet Clinic – Saint Louis Park – 51 accrued

Most recent randomizations:

  • UPMC-Presbyterian Hospital – November 30, 2022
  • Kaiser Permanente – Vallejo – November 29, 2022
  • Regions Hospital – November 29, 2022

Thanks to your recruitment efforts, FORTE has accrued over 250 participants in just a few months! 7 activated sites accrued participants in November 2022. Keep up the good work!

Questions from Site Research Staff

If research staff have questions about a patient's eligibility or study logistics for the NRG-CC005/FORTE Study, contact the Clinical Coordinating Department (CCD) at:
1(800) 477-7227

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