NRG-CC005 / FORTE at #NRG2024

March 12 2024

The NRG Winter Meeting was held in person in sunny Orlando in February 2023, where the FORTE study was represented by NRG Oncology staff, study leadership, and research and medical professionals from various sites.  

At the NCORP Townhall on Friday morning, NRG Oncology celebrated the top 5 accruing sites to NCORP trials – Maine Medical Center, Stroger Hospital, Regions Hospital, Park Nicollet Clinic – Saint Louis Park, and Kaiser Permanente-Vallejo. Every single one of these sites is active in accruing participants to FORTE, with the last 3 being amongst our top enrollers. We celebrate the efforts of research professionals at these high-performing sites to support both the NCORP network and NRG-CC005. UPMC Hillman Cancer Center LAPS also topped the charts for the top accruing lead academic participating sites (LAPS) for NRG Oncology trials in 2023 having enrolled over 180 participants to FORTE. NCORP leadership also touted the importance of PROs and specimen collection for future research across NCORP trials such as NRG-CC005.  

What can you expect as a newly accruing site to FORTE?  

Many sites start reaching out to a limited number of patients to acquaint research staff with processes related to enrolling and randomizing participants to FORTE. As the first few enrollments are completed, coordinators will become more comfortable with the process and sites can increase their efforts.  

Of the currently enrolling sites, around 5-10% of eligible patients are willing to enroll on FORTE. Don’t be discouraged if FORTE enrollment takes some time to get off the ground. 

Watch the FORTE Workshop recording from January 2023 for more... 

Accrual Updates and Milestones (as of February 29, 2024) 

Top Accruing Sites:

    • Kaiser Permanente – Vallejo – 742 accrued 
    • UPMC-Presbyterian Hospital – 187 accrued
    • Park Nicollet Clinic - Saint Louis Park – 69 accrued 

      Most Recent Randomizations:

        • UCLA / Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center – February 29,2024 
        • UPMC-Presbyterian Hospital – February 29, 2024 
        • Kaiser Permanente-Vallejo – February 27, 2024 
        • UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital – February 27,2024
        • Veterans Administration Hospital– February 27, 2024
        • Regions Hospital – February 27, 2024
        • Centro Comprensivo de Cancer de UPR – February 27, 2024

          Questions from Site Research Staff

          If research staff have questions about a patient's eligibility or study logistics for the NRG-CC005/FORTE Study, contact the Clinical Coordinating Department (CCD) at:

          1(800) 477-7227

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