FORTE Study Updates: Natural Language Processing Update

August 12 2022

Pieces® Partners with NRG-CC005

As of June 3, 2022, the FORTE study is offering the opportunity for sites to apply to implement Natural Language Processing (NLP) to improve retrospective recruitment efforts at select sites. NLP is Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is trained to replicate the screening efforts of researchers, learning to apply the same logic, look for the same criteria, and make the same determinations as you would—but at scale. NRG has partnered with Pieces, a healthcare AI company, to offer NLP to approved sites specifically to assist in finding potentially eligible patients and bolster existing screening efforts. Pieces will partner with sites to employ Pieces Predict, an analytics engine utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to extract approved data from clinical notes and records to help identify participants who might qualify for the study. Pieces will refine existing data sent by sites, returning a list of potentially eligible patients for site research coordinators to contact about participating in NRG-CC005.

Interested in implementing Natural Language Processing with Pieces at your site? Fill out the “Natural Language Processing Site Application Form” and send it to The form can be found on CTSU, under NRG-CCOO5 à Protocol Related Documents à Education and Promotion.

Accrual Updates and Milestones (as of July 31, 2022)

Top accruing sites:

  • UPMC-Presbyterian Hospital – 41 accrued
  • Kaiser Permanente – Vallejo – 34 accrued

Most recent randomization:

  • Kaiser Permanente-Vallejo – July 29, 2022

We commend all sites on your efforts to accrue patients! Continue the strong recruitment efforts!

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Questions from Site Research Staff

If research staff have questions about a patient's eligibility or study logistics for the NRG-CC005/FORTE Study, contact the Clinical Coordinating Department (CCD) at:

1 (800) 477-7227

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