FORTE Study Update: Participant Travel Allowance

February 14 2023

Some NRG-CC005/FORTE sites have encountered resistance regarding patients’ willingness to travel the distances required for consent, blood collection, and retrieval of the stool collection kit. As such, the CIRB may approve, upon request, the addition of a “travel allowance” for patients to reduce their burden with travel to participate. Please note that NRG Oncology does not distribute additional site reimbursement for a participant travel allowance. Sites must use existing site reimbursement or network application funding for this purpose. Likewise, review local IRB guidelines to determine whether the addition of a travel allowance would require local IRB approval. NRG encourages clinical research professionals to examine this avenue to potentially increase participant accrual to FORTE. 

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*Available on CTSU* FORTE Site Implementation Guide

Accrual Updates and Milestones (as of January 31, 2023)

Top accruing sites:

  • Kaiser Permanente – Vallejo – 169 accrued
  • UPMC-Presbyterian Hospital – 71 accrued
  • Park Nicollet Clinic - Saint Louis Park – 56 accrued

Most recent randomizations:

  • Kaiser Permanente – Vallejo – January 27, 2023   
  • UPMC-Presbyterian Hospital – January 25, 2023
  • Park Nicollet Clinic - Saint Louis Park – January 24, 2023
  • Regions Hospital – January 24, 2023

Thanks to your recruitment efforts, FORTE has accrued over 340 participants! 9 activated sites accrued participants in January 2023. Keep up the good work!

Questions from Site Research Staff

If research staff have questions about a patient's eligibility or study logistics for the NRG-CC005/FORTE Study, contact the Clinical Coordinating Department (CCD) at:
1(800) 477-7227

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