FORTE Study Update - March NRG Newsletter

March 08 2022

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness - a great time to reach out to the NRG-CC005/FORTE network at your site. The FORTE trial is looking to reduce the incidence of colon cancer while determining the optimal interval for a surveillance colonoscopy.

Colonoscopy is the #1 means of screening for colorectal cancer in the U.S. FORTE is answering the important question of when to return for repeat testing after the common finding of 1 or 2 small adenomatous polyps.

The NRG Oncology FORTE trial team wants to remind sites:

Network Application Form

NRG is offering a one-time site network start-up fee of $5,000 to enhance recruitment. Sites who document preparation and commitment to the FORTE trial are eligible. The funds are to help in establishing a clinical referral population, and to institute workflows to facilitate recruitment and enrollment. Funding is contingent upon review by the NRG FORTE leadership team. The Network Application Form is found on CTSU under NRG-CC005 and the funding tab.

Timing of colonoscopy

Please remember that patients with a first-time diagnosis of 1-2 non-advanced tubular adenomas from a qualifying colonoscopy within 4 years prior to randomization are potentially eligible for the FORTE trial. That means you can go back into databases to find subjects who had colonoscopy and polyps removed up to four years ago.


Finally, we want to make sure all FORTE sites are aware of the exciting news that the three patients have been randomized to the trial. Please sign on and consider taking part in this important trial.


If you have questions about the trial, please contact the Clinical Coordinating Department (CCD) at or 800-477-7227. 

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