Comparing Proton Therapy to Photon Therapy for Low to Intermediate Grade Gliomas

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About This Study

NRG-BN005 will compare the side effects of two different types of radiotherapy. The usual treatment for your type of brain cancer is radiotherapy with a photon beam. Another form of radiotherapy is with a proton beam which uses proton particles to send the radiation inside the body to the tumor. This trial will compare patients treated with standard photon beam radiotherapy to patients treated with proton beam radiotherapy. Using proton therapy could reduce the negative cognitive effects on brain function more than photons because less of the brain is exposed to radiation. However, proton therapy could also be associated with more frequent tumor recurrences. This clinical trial will determine if proton therapy is better than photon therapy for patients that have brain tumors with an IDH mutation.

This trial met its accrual goal and closed to patient enrollment on March 15, 2024.


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