February 2019 Semiannual Meeting Resources

NRG Oncology February 2019 Semiannual Meeting - Phoenix, AZ

NRG Oncology February 2019 Semiannual Meeting Slides and Recordings

An Introduction to NRG Oncology - New Investigator Educational Session
NRG Oncology Protocol Development Process
The Role of the Statistician in Protocol Development and Study Design
Project Team Member Applications: Understanding PTMA
Slides and recording

NRG-HN004 Protocol Update and Training Session

General Session
Introductions, Organizational Updates, and a Tribute to Dr. DiSaia
NRG Oncology Biospecimen Bank Report
NRG Oncology Research Center Overview
NRG Oncology Membership Update
NRG Oncology Publications Update

Gynecologic Cancer Committee 
Clinical Trial Development Slides

Social Media and Mobile Technology Workshop
Embedding PROs in the EMR: The Potential of Smart Devices to Impact Cancer Outcomes - SIMPRO Research Center
Why I am on Twitter
Twitter 101

NRG Oncology February 2019 Semiannual Meeting Resources


Meeting Program Booklet (posted 1/23/19)

Final Meeting Agenda (Revised 1/24/19)

Winter Symposium Program and Agenda - “HPV related cancer: biology, treatment, and innovative approaches”

Social Media Workshop Flyer

Scientific Session Flyer

CCD 800-line Coverage

Gyn Concept Submissions


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