RADCOMP Breast Atlas


Radialogica fullAcesss Viewer Instructions 

Radialogica fullAcesss Viewer

RADCOMP Breast Atlas

The RADCOMP Breast Atlas is to be used only for the RTOG 3509/3510 studies.

To view the RADCOMP breast atlas using the fullAccess viewer, download the package file from the following link above and save it to your computer.

The breast atlas consists of a CT image series and structure contours that are distributed as a Radialogica fullAccess package, with an embedded viewer application. It is stored in the form of a single executable file that can be safely downloaded and run on any Windows computer. When opened for the first time, the viewer program will check that the Microsoft .NET version 4 framework has been installed, and download it, if necessary. Detailed instructions are available for download above.

Disclaimer: The materials presented on this web-page represent consensus contours for the Radiotherapy Comparative Effectiveness (RADCOMP) Consortium’s pragmatic randomized trial of proton therapy versus photon therapy for breast cancer. The atlas was developed by the members of the RADCOMP Breast Atlas committee. The RADCOMP Breast Atlas serves as guidance only. RTOG and RADCOMP are not responsible for use of these contours by third parties.


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