2022 Weekly Broadcast Archive

 Date  Content
12/27/2022 Weekly Broadcast
12/19/2022 Weekly Broadcast
12/12/2022 Weekly Broadcast
12/8/2022 NRG-GY018 Patients Entered to Step 1 Can Proceed to Step 2
12/5/2022 Weekly Broadcast
12/2/2022 NRG-BR005 Permanent Study Closure
12/2/2022 NRG-BN010 Temporarily Closed to Accrual
11/30/2022 NRG-GY018 Anticipated Closure to Accrual
11/28/2022 Weekly Broadcast
11/21/2022 Weekly Broadcast
11/14/2022 Weekly Broadcast
11/7/2022 Weekly Broadcast
10/31/2022 Weekly Broadcast
10/24/2022 Weekly Broadcast
10/17/2022 Weekly Broadcast
10/10/2022 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY005, NRG-GY022, NRG-GI008, GOG-0210, GOG-0238, GOG-0258, GOG-0263, NRG-GY006
10/3/2022 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-HN010, NRG-GY022, NSABP B-55/BIG 6-13, NRG-GU011, NRG-GY006, GOG 0210
9/26/2022 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BN010, NRG-GU007, NRG-GY006, NRG-BR004, NRG-LU005, NRG-GY022, NRG-BN012, NRG-GI008, NRG-GU012, NRG-GY003, NRG-GY003, GOG-0210
9/26/2022 NRG-BN010 Reopen to Safety Run-In/Dose Level 2
9/26/2022 NRG-GU007 Reopen to Dose Level 3
9/19/2022 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-CC010, NRG-GY022, NRG-GY014, NRG-GI003, NRG-GY023, NRG-GY006, GOG-0210
9/12/2022 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-DT001, NRG-GY022, NRG-GU012, NRG-GY006, GOG-0210, NRG-LU002
9/6/2022 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BN012, NRG-GU002, NRG-GY020, NRG-HN004, NRG-DT001, NRG-GY022, NRG-CC005/FORTE, NRG-GI005, NRG-GI008, NRG-GY006, GOG-0210
8/31/2022 NRG-BN012 Protocol Activation
8/31/2022 NRG-DT001 Cohort B Closure Notice
8/29/2022 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY022, NRG-BR007, GOG-0210, NRG-GY006, NRG-GY018, NRG-GY020, NRG-HN006
8/22/2022 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GU002, NRG-GY018, NRG-GY022, NRG-BR007, NRG-GI005, NRG-GU012, NRG-GY006, NRG-GY020, GOG-0210
8/15/2022 Weekly Broadcast
8/11/2022 NRG-HN001: QOL Study: FACT-NP and EQ-5D for newly enrolled patients
8/8/2022 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY022, NRG-GI008, NRG-GI005, NRG-GY018
8/1/2022 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY022, NRG-CC007CD, NRG-CC009, NRG-BN003, NRG-GI005, NRG-GU010, NRG-GU012, GOG-0210, NRG-GY019
7/25/2022 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-CC003, RTOG 1112, NRG-GU009, NRG-GU010, NRG-LU006
7/18/2022 Weekly Broadcast
7/11/2022 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-CC005, NRG-GY027, NRG-LU006
7/11/2022 NRG-GU007: Temporary Closure
7/5/2022 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GU012, NRG-GY029, NRG-BN010, NRG-CC005, NRG-GI005, NRG-GU007, GOG-0210, GOG-0212, GOG-0259, GOG-0264, GOG-0267, GOG-0268, GOG-0279, GOG-0283, NRG-CC008, NRG-LU006
6/29/2022 NRG-BN010: Temporary Closure
6/27/2022 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY027, NRG-LU005, NRG-BN003, NRG-CC005
6/21/2022 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GI008, NRG-CC003, NRG-GY014, NRG-BR004, NRG-CC005, RTOG 1112, GOG-0210
6/17/2022 NRG-CC003: Closure
6/16/2022 NRG-GI008 Reopened to Accrual
6/15/2022 RTOG 1112 Call for submission of data
6/13/2022 Weekly Broadcast: RTOG 1112, NRG-GY012, NRG-HN008, NRG-GU005, NRG-CC005, GOG-0210, NRG-GY014
6/6/2022 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-CC005, NRG-CC009, NRG-GY018, NRG-BR002, NRG-GI008, NRG-GU005, NRG-BR004, GOG-0210, NRG-GY014
6/6/2022 NRG-GU005: Closure Notice
6/3/2022 NRG-GI008: Temporary Accrual Hold
6/3/2022 FORTE Study: NRG-CC005 Amendment 4 Activation
5/31/2022 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY022, NRG-CC005, NRG-GU007, GOG-0210, NRG-GY014 
5/24/2022 NRG-GY022: Temporary Closure on June 1, 2022
5/23/2022 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY012, NRG-BR004, GOG-0261, NRG-GY014, NRG-GY024, NRG-LU006
5/20/2022 NRG-BR004 Study Closure
5/20/2022 NRG Oncology Study Terminations
5/16/2022 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BN001, NRG-GY022, NRG-BR003, NRG-BR004, NRG-BR007, NRG-GI004, NRG-GI005, NRG-GI008, NRG-CC005, GOG-0210, NRG-GY014, RTOG 1216, NRG-LU006
5/2/2022 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BN004, NRG-BR004, NRG-GY014, NRG-GU005
4/29/2022 NRG-BR004 Temporary Closure


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