2020 Weekly Broadcast Archive

12/28/2020 NRG-GI005 Temporary Accrual Suspension
12/28/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BN009, NRG-BR004, NRG-LU003
12/21/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BN009, NRG-GU009, NRG-HN008, NRG-GU007, CCTG CE.7, NRG-BR004, NSABP B-51/RTOG 1304, NRG-CC008, NRG-GU005, NRG-GY018 
12/17/2020 NSABP B-51/RTOG 1304 Study Closure Announcement

NRG-BN009 Activation

12/15/2020 NRG-GU009 Activation
12/14/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-HN008, NRG-HN005, NRG-BR002, NRG-BR004, NSABP B-51, NRG-GU006, NRG-GU008, NRG-HN004, NRG-LU005, NRG-DT001
12/10/2020 NRG-HN008 Activation
12/10/2020 Gyn Cancer Committee Requests Proposals
12/8/2020 NSABP B-51/RTOG 1304: Rapidly Approaching Completion of Accrual
12/7/2020 Weekly Broadcast: RTOG 0834/EORTC 26053_22054/NCIC CTG CEC.1, NRG-BN007, NSABP B-51/RTOG 1304, NRG-GI005, NRG-GU006, NRG-HN007, NRG-LU005 
12/4/2020 NSABP B-51/RTOG 1304 Pending Accrual Closure Notice
12/3/2020 NRG-GY018 Updated Training Slides
12/2/2020 NRG-HN007: Nivolumab Infusion Rate Clarification
12/2/2020 NRG-GY018 Re-Activation and Amendment 5
11/30/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY018, NRG-BR003, NRG-BR004, NRG-GI002, NRG-GI004, NRG-GI005, NRG-LU003
11/24/2020 Thanksgiving Greetings 2020
11/23/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-CC007CD, NRG-BN001, NRG-BR003, NRG-BR004, NRG-GI002, NRG-GI004, NRG-GI005, RTOG 1008, RTOG 1216, NRG-HN001, NRG-HN004, NRG-HN005, NRG-HN006, NRG-LU003, NRG-LU005
11/19/2020 NRG-BN001: Possible Delay in Pre-Randomization Central MGMT Analysis
11/16/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-HN007, NRG-LU003, VTOC Training
11/9/2020 Weekly Broadcast: GOG-0239, NRG-LU005, NRG-CC005, NRG-CC008, NSABP B-51/RTOG 1304, NRG-LU003
11/2/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-HN007
10/29/2020 NRG-HN007: ctDNA Plasma Collection Clarification for US and CA
10/26/2020 Weekly Broadcast: RTOG 1112, NSABP B-55, RTOG 1216, VTOC Training
10/22/2020 PSC Application Deadline Extension
10/19/2020 NRG-DT001: Analytical Pharmacology Core Laboratory Update
10/19/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GU006, NRG-GU008, NRG-HN001, NRG-GI005. New URL for GOG Legacy Web Menu
10/12/2020 NRG-GU008 Protocol amendment 1
10/12/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BN007, NSABP B-51/RTOG 1304, NRG-BR004
10/5/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY005, RTOG 1112, NRG-DT001, NRG-GI005
10/1/2020 PSC Accepting Applications for CTN/CRA Subcommittes
9/28/2020 Weekly Broadcast: RTOG 1216, NRG-BN007, NRG-GI005, NRG-GY005, NRG-CC008
9/21/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GU007, NRG-BR004, NRG-GI005, NRG-GY005, NRG-LU007
9/15/2020 NRG-DT001: Cohort A Reopening to Accrual to Dose Level 3 (Expansion Cohort)
9/8/2020 NRG-HN007 Activation
9/8/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-HN006, NRG-BN007, NRG-BR004, NRG-GY009, NRG-HN004, NRG-LU006
8/31/2020 Weekly Broadcast: EA8185, GOG-0186H, GOG-0249, GOG-0265, GOG-0275, GOG-9929, NRG-GY022, NRG-LU003, NRG-BR004, NSABP B-55, NRG-HN006
8/25/2020 NRG-GY021: Nearing completion of accrual to Initial Safety Lead-In
8/24/2020  Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY019, NRG-LU007, GOG-0281, RTOG 1216, NRG-BN007, NRG-BR002, NRG-BR004, NRG-GY005, NRG-LU006
8/20/2020 NRG-GY022: Open to for ANY patients undergoing carboplatin treatment, any cycle!
8/17/2020 NRG-LU007 Activation
8/17/2020 Weekly Broadcast: GOG-0238, NRG-BN007, NRG-BR004, NRG-CC003, NRG-GI005, NRG-GY009
8/13/2020 Phase I Program Accepting Applications for Membership
8/10/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BN005, NRG-BN007, NRG-GY014, NRG-GY009, NRG-LU003, NRG-LU005,  NSABP B-51/RTOG 1304
8/6/2020 NRG-BN007: Protocol Activation
8/3/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY009, GOG-0238, NRG-GY020
7/27/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-CC003, NRG-HN006, RTOG 1216, NRG-LU005, NRG-GY020
7/22/2020 NRG-LU003: Brigatinib Action Letter and Amendment
7/21/2020 NRG-DT001: Cohort A (Dose Level 3) Temporarily Closed to Accrual
7/20/2020 Weekly Broadcast: RTOG 1216, NRG-GY005, NRG-HN006
7/14/2020 COVID-19 related deviations for NRG protocols
7/13/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY016, RTOG 1216, NRG-BR004, NRG-GI004, NRG-GU007, NRG-GY005,  NRG-HN006 
7/8/2020 NRG-HN006: Protocol Activation
7/6/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BR002, NRG-GY005
6/29/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GI007, NRG-CC008, NRG-GY005
6/24/2020 Kip Goldberg Retirement Announcement
6/23/2020 NRG-CC008: Activation
6/22/2020 Weekly Broadcast: GOG-0281, NRG-GU002, NRG-GY005, NRG-HN006
6/16/2020 Re-Opening of Baylor Serum Bank
6/15/2020 Weekly Broadcast: GOG-0264, NRG-GY017, NRG-GY003, NRG-BR004, NRG-GI005, GOG-0225, NRG-GY005, NRG-DT001
6/12/2020 Gyn Request for Proposals for July Virtual Meeting
6/12/2020 GOG-0264 Closure
6/11/2020 NRG-GY017: Temporary Closure
6/8/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NSABP B-51, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY017, NRG-GY020
6/4/2020 NRG-GI004: Temporary Suspension of Accrual
6/1/2020 Weekly Broadcast: RTOG 1112, NRG-CC003, GOG-0281, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY017, NRG-GY020
5/26/2020 Weekly Broadcast: RTOG 1112, GOG-0263, NCCAPS, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY017, NRG-GY020
5/19/2020 NRG Oncology Presentations at ASCO 2020
5/18/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BR004, NRG-GY021, NRG-GU008, NRG-GU005, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY017
5/11/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-CC007CD, NRG-GI005, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY017, NRG-GY018, NRG-GY020, S1806
5/4/2020 Weekly Broadcast: GOG-0199, GOG-0214, GOG-0244, GOG-0269, GOG-0229O, GOG-8199, GOG-9923, NRG-GU007, NRG-GY011, NRG-LU005, RTOG 0834, NSABP B-42, NRG-GU006, NRG-GU008, GOG-0238, NRG-GY005
5/4/2020 NRG-GU007: Reopening to Accrual and Protocol Amendment 2
5/1/2020 NSABP B-42: Primary Breast Cancer Characteristics Form
4/28/2020 NRG-DT001: Cohort B reopening to accrual to dose level 2
4/27/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-CC004, RTOG 1112, NRG-BR004, NRG-GU0084, NRG-LU003
4/20/2020 Weekly Broadcast: COVID-19 Updates; NRG-BN001, RTOG 0834, NRG-GU006, NRG-GU007, NRG-GU008, NRG-CC004, NRG-GY005
4/15/2020 Update: Protocol Deviation Memo for NRG Oncology Studies
4/14/2020 NRG-BN001: Possible Delay in Pre-Randomization Central MGMT Analysis Due to COVID-19
4/13/2020 Weekly Broadcast: COVID-19 Updates; NSABP B-51, RTOG 0631, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY018, NRG-LU004
4/13/2020 NRG-LU004 Temporarily Closed to Accrual Effective Immediately 
4/10/2020 Protocol Deviation Memo for NRG Oncology Studies
4/7/2020 NRG-GY018: Participant and Investigator Letters
4/6/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-LU006, NRG-GY018, RTOG 0631, NSABP B-55, GOG-0274, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY007, NRG-GY016
4/3/2020 NRG-GY018: Temporary Suspension to Accrual
3/30/2020 Weekly Broadcast: COVID-19 Updates; NRG-GI002, NRG-GY016, NRG-GY018, NRG-GY020, RTOG 0912, NRG-LU002, RTOG 0834, NRG-GY004, NRG-GY007
3/24/2020 NRG Oncology Biobank - San Francisco Re-Opens 3/24/2020
3/23/2020 Weekly Broadcast: COVID-19 Updates and Webpage, RTOG 0912, NRG-GY022, NRG-GI004, NRG-GY009, NRG-LU003 
3/23/2020 Biospecimen Bank - San Francisco Closure (Corrected broadcast)
3/19/2020 Serum Bank at Baylor Closure
3/18/2020 NRG-GU006 and NRG-GU008: CTC Submission Halt
3/17/2020  NRG-DT001: COVID19 - Analytical Pharmacology Core Laboratory Closure
3/16/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY002, NRG-GY008, NRG-CC007CD, NRG-GU005, NRG-GY003, NRG-LU003, NRG-GI002, NRG-GY007, NRG-GY019
3/9/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GU008, NRG-GI002, NRG-GY007, NRG-GY018, RTOG 1016, NRG-GU007, NRG-BR005, NRG-LU003
3/5/2020 NRG-GU007 Temporarily Closed to Accrual
3/5/2020 NRG-GU008: Protocol Activation 
3/2/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BN003, NRG-GI005
2/24/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY020, NRG-GY022, NRG-GY016, RTOG 1016, NRG-BR004, NRG-GI005 
2/21/2020 NRG-DT001: Cohort B (Dose Level 1) Temporarily Closed to Accrual
2/18/2020 NRG-GY020: Reactivation and Amendment 1
2/17/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY022, GOG-0279, NRG-GI004, NRG-GY006, NRG-BR003, NRG-GY004, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY009, NRG-LU006
2/10/2020 NRG-DT001: Cohort A Reopening Accrual to Dose Level 3
2/10/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY020, GOG-0279, NRG-BR003, NRG-BR004, NRG-GY004, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY009, NRG-GY022
2/7/2020 NRG-GY020: Activation and temporary closure
2/3/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-LU006, NRG-GU006, NRG-GY007, NRG-GY019, NRG-LU003
1/31/2020 NRG-GU006: Temporary Suspension to Accrual
1/29/2020  NRG-GY018: Certificate of Review due 2/3/20
1/29/2020 NRG-LU006: Protocol Activation
1/27/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BN003, NRG-BN001, GOG-0210, GOG-0218, GOG-0255, NSABP B-51, NRG-GY004, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY009, NRG-GY018
1/20/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GI002, NRG-LU005, NRG-GY004, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY009, NRG-GY018
1/15/2020 ComboMATCH
1/13/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-LU003, NRG-GY004, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY009, and NRG-GY018
1/6/2020 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY004, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY009, and NRG-GY018




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